Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol - Top 7 Results

Dial Idol says Brooke, Syesha and Carly are in the bottom 3. Let's see how they did measuring the busy signals!
  • WHAT is Paula wearing?! I don't even know how to describe it. It is some kind of weird red sequined - can we call it a dress? Is it a dress? And she has a gigantic white flower and a red scarf and a diamond necklace.
  • The Idol Kids sing "One Sweet Day," which I think is one of Mariah's finer songs.
First Set of Results:
Tricksy Ryan is splitting the kids up on different sides of the stage. I think Ryan lays awake at night thinking of horrible ways to torture the kids and us viewing at home.

Jason Castro goes to the left.
David Cook goes to the right.
Carly Smithson goes to the left to join Jason Castro.
Kristy Lee Cook goes to the right to join David Cook. (NO! She's probably safe.)
  • Ford Commercial was average. I didn't realize it was a Queen song, but Diggity just let me know. Thanks Diggity!
  • Elliot Yamin is singing a song. I've always liked Elliot, but I'm super glad someone fixed his teeth and that his hair is longer now. I forgot that his mom died last week. I don't even mind that he wrote on his hand about it. It worked for me. Unlike when David Cook wrote on his hand.
Second Set of Results:
Syesha Mercado joins Jason and Carly to the left.
Brooke White joins David C. and Kristy Lee to the right (YES! She's probably safe!)

(So You Think You Can Dance commercial!!! Love it! Can't wait!! I'll even put up with Mary screaming for 12 weeks!)
  • Stooopid call-in segment. But Simon just made fun of Paula. Yeah. Nice. And David Cook is single. I think that was the only quality information that came out of that 5 minutes.
  • Here comes Mariah! Yikes. I'm not sure we can call that a dress. We know you lost some weight Mimi. We can see this even when you are wearing clothes. Maybe wear some. :) She has the bejeweled mike stand and microphone she used on Oprah the other day. How divalicious of her! Also divalicious - the wind machine softly blowing her hair. I hope this isn't the next single. I don't love this song so far. I'm glad she isn't singing her single that is out right now. It isn't exactly family show friendly. Shameless plug for the album dropping yesterday. The wind machine is still on even though the song is over. Maybe it follows her around wherever she goes.
Final Set of Results:
Where will David Archuleta go? Which side is safe? Seacrest is a master of suspense. Please dim the lights.

David Archuleta is safe, but which side will he go to?

David Cook and Syesha are swapping sides of the stage. What? Seacrest is crazy!!

Being told to join the safe group, David Archuleta sits in the middle of the stage. Good boy! Ryan is mean. You show him. Ryan brings the safe group over to where David A. is sitting - David Cook, Carly Smithson, Jason Castro and David Archuleta go sit down on the seats.

Brooke, Kristy, and Syesha are the bottom three.

(Andrew Lloyd Webber is the mentor next week? That means one thing - it's Broadway Week!! Yes! My favorite week! Jazz hands everyone! I just hope the Idol Kids aren't limited to Webber's songs....that would be tragic. Sorry Phantom lovers.)

Syesha Mercado just got sent back to the couch. What?!

Kristy and Brooke....holding breath.....

Kristy thinks she is going home. Brooke says we don't know what will happen...

And Brooke is safe! YES!!!! (I literally just screamed.) Dial Idol got it wrong tonight. No more eyelid watching every week! Who will Vote For the Worst pick now? I'll celebrate Kristy home with you Ruben. Sing it bro!

After watching a montage of her eyelids, Kristy is sitting on the desk singing right to Simon. "Our time together is through." Awesome. Great way to go out. I still don't like her, but she has a great sense of humor.


Matt, Nicki, Maizy and Hazel said...

Thanks for posting the spoiler for me. I couldn't wait until Matt got home to know if Brooke was safe or not. I wasn't so sure after her nerves got to her last night. Now I can rest easy. We read your reviews every week, and I am so happy you don't have to look at Kristy's eyelids anymore...I'm sure you will sleep better now. lol. Thanks for the updates, and just a sidenote...the G-man looks like he's going to take after his mom, both musically and athletically inclined! Cute Videos!

Michelle said...

Oh, boy, a whole night of Andrew Lloyd Webber might just KEEL me. Please bless that it is Broadway week, NOT ALW week.

Macy said...

Nicki - glad I could help. So nice of you guys to read the reviews. :)

Michelle - Amen. I hope your show is going well.

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