Monday, April 7, 2008

I promise...

...I'm here and I will be blogging about things other than American Idol very soon.   I have many blogs pent up inside that want to burst out of my fingers into the blogosphere.  But, I've been painting my entry hallway all the way upstairs to G-Man's room.  If you have talked to me in person in the last two weeks, you know that this is what I have been complaining/talking about.  But, the 2nd roller coat went on tonight and I will touch up the edges tomorrow.  Then I just have to paint the trim and 7 doors.  That should be fun.  And then I only have three bathrooms, a bedroom, a living room, two offices and part of a kitchen to paint.  

In the meantime, here's a quick update on the family:
- I've been painting.
- G-Man is doing a much better job balancing and was seen today backing up his walker from the wall and continuing on his chosen path.  He has also taken to playing on our brick hearth.  I have been thinking I should nickname him "Hooch" because he has been drooling so much this week.  Also, he has the runniest nose I have ever seen.  And Laura gave him a very stylish haircut today.  I'll post a picture once I get the paint off my hands and I can touch my camera again.
- Diggity is working hard while he has a little break from travel.  He has many plans for upcoming events this summer.  (Do I sound vague and mysterious?  Good.)


The Takemoto Family said...

Sooo... upcoming events? You announcing a new Robison?

Macy said...

Nope. No announcements here. Diggity is working on some projects for people that may be reading the blog, so I had to be vague. :)

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