Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol - Top 9 Results

Okay. We're on Tivo. I feel there will be a lot of fast forwarding tonight.
  • I liked the opening number. It was cute and they tried to make them dance and I didn't hate it. Everyone sounded pretty good except Ramiele. When she started, her microphone wasn't on. When she continued, it was because she doesn't sound very good compared to everyone else.
  • Michael Johns has a Dolly Parton t-shirt on. That is cute.
First Set of Results:
Michael Johns! He was good. I'm cool with that.
David Archuleta is...SAFE!! Woo hoo!
Carly Smithson That surprised me. I thought since she was the last singer in that group of three that she was in the bottom three. That Ryan. He's very tricksy.
  • Call in segment. I don't have time for this today. Go Tivo....boodoop boodoop!
  • There's a country band on stage right now. I don't know who they are. But the lead singer is yelling at me and I don't like it.
  • Ford Commercial! Oh mercy. They're rapping to "It's Tricky" and they're pretending to play basketball.
Second Set of Results:
David Cook! I love how they address the rumors that pop up on the blogs and entertainment websites as part of the on stage interviews. I read the story about him being rushed to the hospital yesterday and then Ryan talks about it on stage.
Ramiele Malubay the bottom 3. I'm 1 for 3 on my predictions.
Kristy Lee Cook the bottom 3. I'm 2 for 3! Woooo!!! Pretty pessimistic with the sign for her chair. When you're expecting to be in the bottom 3, I think America will continue to put you there.
  • Bucky Covington is talking. I think they fixed his teeth. I'm happy about that. He has an album out.
  • Phil Stacey is talking now. He has an album coming out too. I liked him last year.
  • Bo Bice is talking now. He had some surgery on his stomach. He started his own record label and put out an album last year. Awww, he's a daddy now.
  • I guess that was part of a "Where are the Idols Now" feature. They can keep doing that and get rid of the call in segment.
Final Set of Results:
Syesha Mercado When they brought her out first in the group, I knew she was safe. That means I'm only 2 for 3 on my prediction. That also means that Brooke and Jason are the last two to find out. Eeeek.
Brooke White the bottom 3! NoooooooO!!!! I didn't vote enough for her. I feel responsible. :)
Jason Castro
  • Ramiele is really short.
  • Simon thinks America got it right with the bottom 3.
  • Commercial break. Boodoop, boodoop!
  • Idol Gives Back is next week. I care about Africa and poverty, but I can't watch this right now.
  • Dolly is singing. Wow. She's wearing sparkly stretch capris and a coat with tails. It looks kind of like the female wrestling outfit that Sweet Pea designed on Project Runway. Lots of plastic surgery on Dolly's face. I'm kind of surprised she can still sing. When you change the structure of your face that much, you change the resonance space in your face and it has a huge effect on the voice. And her lips are a completely different shape than they used to be. That has to make vowel production a different experience than with her old lips. I still like Dolly. I'm just sayin'....
  • Simon thinks Brooke is safe. I hope so. Brooke is crying. She is talking about how hard they work and how much the Idol Gives Back means and how she was touched by Dolly's song, "Jesus and Gravity." I like Brooke.
  • Brooke is safe!!!! What a sweet girl.
Ramiele is going home. Kristy is safe AGAIN. I'm happy about Ramiele going home. She was my pick to go home. She's been going through a rough patch for several weeks. And Kristy's days are numbered unless someone completely blows it next week.

Sing it Ruben! Celebrate her home!
The girls are out center stage to try and help support Ramiele. She's crying so hard, I don't know if she'll be able to sing. She's doing okay...good for her.

See you next week! Idol Gives Back!


Nana said...

Thanks - I was just wishing I could go to bed with my book, but decided to poke around my blogs to see how far I could make it through A.I.
This is the first season I have watched much at all, especially this early. You make it fun. Rhonda

Dana said...

I, too feel much responsibility for Brooke's bottom three position. It's that whole DVR thing - watching later. My consipiracy theory after reading your blog is that the producers wanted some drama, put her in the poop spot, got her in the bottom 3 and now people will vote more to save their fav because if Brooke can be in the bottom, anyone can! How's that!?!

Melissa said...

Macy- you CRACK me up! I miss seeing you once a year! Now, it's more like every two years or so! I just started "blogging!" Is that what they call it? I am not very good at it- but still trying!! Your little one is so cute and so lucky to have such an awesome mommie!!! Chad says HELLO!!!

Melissa said...

I'm kindof laughing right now, did you look at that last comment and think Melissa WHO?? Melissa Pettingill!! I found your blog through our family website, through Kristin, through Kim! Hope that is okay! miss ya!

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