Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Conversation at Our House

Thanks for the awesome shirt, Grandma Kimmie!

G-Man and I have had this conversation every day for the past several days.

G-Man: Da-da

Me: Da-da is at work. I'm ma-ma.

G-Man: Da-da-da

G-Man's favorite activity - being sneaky and trying to take things off a shelf. Doesn't matter what he is taking off the shelf. DVD's, video games, books. Whatever. He doesn't discriminate.

Me: Ma-ma

G-Man: (pause) Da-da daddy

Me: (pretending to be sad) Ma-ma

G-Man: (laughing) Da-da-da-da


Diggity and I have decided that maybe we are both "Da-da" now. He points to pictures of both of us and says it. But the teacher inside me wants him to figure it out. I keep thinking he's stubborn or he doesn't understand me or he just wants to drive me crazy.

Or, maybe he just really loves his daddy.


Tolly & Lennon said...

I am NOT LYING -- we have the exact same situation at our house. Da-da this, Da-da that.

Did Da-da push Lennon through his body and into the world? Did Da-da endure hours of painful breastfeeding every two hours for months? Does Da-da wash Lennon's clothes, change Lennon's bedding and wipe his snot all day long?

I'm just saying.

Michelle said...

I vote that he is trying to drive you crazy. Maybe he thinks that if he starts now, he will be able to gradually ease you into the stuff he is planning for his teenage years. ;-)

As always, he is adorable!

Ace said...

Love his new hair cut Macy!

Anonymous said...

Love the haircut - makes him look so grown up. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks. We'll have to start working on Grammy and Grampy :) Kimmie

Yvonne said...

Keep trying and maybe he'll say it ; )

He looks so cute with his new haircut.

I'm counting the sleeps until I see him--and you guys, too.

Michal said...

love the shirt, love the haircut. all of my kids called me dada long before they called me mama. i think they just say it sooner. i promise that he loves you more--sorry, diggity!:)

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