Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol - Top 8 Results

First of all, my Idol Gives Back favorite moments were:
  • The "So You Think You Can Dance" Kids!!! I was thrilled to see them all. Seriously, that made my night. I can't wait for the new season.
  • Fergie's one-hand front walkovers while singing "Barracuda." Which she rocked, by the way.
  • Mariah singing gospel
  • Carrie Underwood singing anything. (Carrie is so pretty! What an amazing dress. And she is such a great singer.)
  • David Archuleta's solo on "Seasons of Love"
  • Daughtry's visit to Africa
  • Snoop Dogg's microphone
  • The stage manager that got to change Brad Pitt's microphone. She was cheeky and very cute.
  • Randy Jackson playing bass for Mariah
  • Annie Lennox. She's amazing.
  • Raising $60 million for people who really need help.
My least favorite moments:
  • Teri Hatcher singing "Before He Cheats." I'm not sure who let that happen.
  • Miley Cyrus. I know she's popular and I do think she is a very cute girl and a good songwriter, but she's destroying her voice. I have a hard time listening to her. Especially live.
  • Ann Wilson trying to sing "Barracuda." It made me sad. It also made me sad that it didn't look like she could walk because she's put on so much weight. And then Fergie goes and does a front walkover right in front of her. Poor Ann.
  • Mary Murphy. She's the one part of SYTYCD that I am not looking forward to.
  • Michael Johns trying to move to a beat during the opening number.
  • Looking at Kristy Lee Cook's eyelids. At least now I know that it always happens when she sings and not just when she is singing solo.
Okay, on to the results show!
  • The AI kids are singing "Shout to the Lord" that closed the show last night. I'm a sucker for a good gospel choir. Kristy Lee is wearing blue eyeshadow tonight. I haven't seen her eyes open one time yet.
  • Weird music video with what looks like a lot of people who weren't cool enough to be on the show last night. They are lip synching to "I'm A Believer." That was two minutes of my life I can't get back. Thanks a lot.
First Set of Results:
Brooke White is...on the stage first and therefore must be safe. She's safe! That was cute. She talked about having to miss her sister's wedding this Saturday and then said she shouldn't be presumptuous and that maybe she would be there. And then just said, "Oh, let's just find out." So cute.
David Cook And very lucky, in my opinion. He could have been a shock elimination. Don't write on your hand anymore, dude. It didn't play.
David Archuleta Hooray! Cute, cute David.

All safe in the first set. Scary times for the people backstage. Back after this commercial.
  • Video from Forest Whitaker and his wife Keshia. Sweet background music. Soweto African Choir singing "Pride (In the Name of Love)." We're buying this CD if we don't already have it. (I'm sure Diggity already has it.) The kids are singing "We Are the World." That is the cutest thing ever.
  • Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown! I like this song. Sassy red streaks in Jordin's hair. Chris Brown is one of the most amazing and versatile people performing today. Have you seen this kid dance? Seriously. The kid is an entertainer. 2007 Grammy performance here.
  • The Ford commercial was alright. Driving through paint.
Second Set of Results:
Jason Castro bought his ukulele! Fun! And he's safe! I'm glad. He was great.
Kristy Lee Cook is safe. I am not even waiting for Ryan to say it. Whitney told me that she checked Dial Idol and that Kristy Lee was in the top three according to the busy signals.

The bottom three are left backstage. They are:
Syesha Mercado
Carly Smithson
Michael Johns

I think Carly just cursed. I don't lip read well, so I'm not sure.

Bono introduces the presidential candidates. Hillary is serious and talks about the great organizations getting the money. Johnny Mac is cracking some jokes! The votes from Michigan and Florida actually count in American Idol!?!? He's working on his immigration policy - watch out Simon! What!?!!? Wow. It sounds like the studio audience wasn't sure about the jokes. Barack is talking about his girls who are huge AI fans and commending AI for setting a good example and telling all of us to join in and contribute. Barack got the pimp spot! Nice! :) I guess Hillary is getting voted out, right? :D I'm glad they all got a chance to contribute a statement. I was extremely irritated when Hillary happened to show up on SNL and The Daily Show two days before the Texas/Ohio primaries. But that's another post for another day.

(Oh my friend Joël is the contestant on "Don't Forget the Lyrics" tonight. I just saw her screaming on the commercial when she sees Gloria Gaynor. Awesome. I can't wait to see her on the show.)

Carly and Syesha are safe. That was abrupt.

Michael Johns is going home. Wow. Did not see that coming. SHOCK ELIMINATION!!! Carly is lucky, I think. All the kids look a little shocked. Celebrate him home Ruben! (I'm glad I don't have to watch him try to dance in the group numbers now. That's a positive, right?)

Final thought - if he had shown half the personality on stage that I'm seeing in the candid clips of him on his farewell package, I think he would have made it much further in the competition.


Whitney Johnson said...

Did you see this article -- Tivo now predicting who's winning and who will get eliminated?

Not sad at all to see Michael Johns go.

LL said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again....i don't watch these shows but I SO enjoy your idol updates. makes me feel apart of the IDOL craze. i enjoy your humor, keep the updates coming!

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