Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Alice

Here's a little update on Baby Alice. She was diagnosed with Choanal Atresia. This is a birth defect where one or both of the nasal openings in the skull don't form. She has a bilateral blockage, which is why she can't breathe at all through her nose. This syndrome is sometimes accompanied by other problems, so they are running a battery of tests on her today and tomorrow to make sure the atresia is the only thing they need to fix when they operate on Tuesday. The operation is pretty non-invasive. They basically need to drill holes for her to breathe through and then they put stents in to keep the holes open. She'll also have some follow up procedures to replace the stents as she grows. She's in Primary Children's Hospital, so she is in good hands.

She has a tube in her mouth in the picture above to help her keep her mouth open when she sleeps. It is a smaller tube than the picture I saw yesterday, so that is a good thing! I also love that her cute mom had the presence of mind to bring a hair bow to make her look sassy even when she's in the hospital. :)


Michal said...

love the bow. we're praying for alice and her family. hope she'll be home soon.

Yvonne said...

Baby Alice and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

I can't believe her mom brought a bow--what a woman!!!

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