Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why We Haven't Blogged for a While

I've been meaning to post for several days. I figured I better take care of it today because Laura was worried about me and wanted a G-Man update. (Thanks, Laura!)

I hadn't posted for a while because I was working on my 100 things about me post. I really wanted to put it up for my 100th post. But now, I've already posted 102 times, so I guess I'll just keep working on it so I can post it another time.

Diggity has been out of town and we've been quite busy around here. We have learned several things this week. G-Man learned how to say "hi!" and says it every time I go in to get him out of his crib. He has also learned to give high fives and is starting to stack things in towers instead of just knocking them down. Also, I think he has grown taller. He can reach the remotes no matter where I put them. We also found out this week that he breaks out in hives when he eats tomatoes or Veggie Booty. Since he often survives on Veggie Booty, Pirate's Booty and air, I'm not sure what to do about this. Except obviously not feed him Veggie Booty anymore.

We learned how to go up the stairs on Sunday. This has significantly changed both of our lives.

Yesterday, we also learned to go down the stairs. I, in particular, was thankful for this.

G-Man has spent much of his week trying to get away from me. Now that he knows how to go up the stairs, it is his destination of choice.

G-Man has also been working on his piano skills. I moved his "piano" upstairs from my office to give him something to do upstairs and a chance to play with it.

We also learned to climb up on the hearth. And we have started carrying our duck that we sleep with around in our mouth like a dog.

Here we are stacking our cups. Cups are often our favorite toy to play with.

I managed to get the dining room painted and have started working on the guest bedroom. My goal is to have the house repainted before my stepdaughter graduates from Boston University in May. I also have lots of stuff to fix outside before then too, so the painting really needs to be done by the end of March/beginning of April.

This room turned out pretty well though.

I'll be a better blogger from now on. :)


Michal said...

i love the color on your dining room walls. love it. love it. it looks great.
good luck with all your painting projects. that's a challenge when you have a little mover and shaker under foot!

LL said...

good to hear from you again...love the updates and that paint color is FABULOUS! I love it.
You need to get CRob over there to help you, she's a skilled painter!

Kim Sanderson said...

Oh my gosh Macy!!! The dining room is beautiful - I love the color. Wish we could come to see it (and you or course) in person.

Yvonne said...

I really loved the color of your dining room--it looks beautiful. Great job.

Love all the pictures of G-man. He looks adorable.
Maybe we can chat sometime so I can hear him say "hi".

Can't wait to read your 100 things!!!

Macy said...

Michal - Thanks. I'm loving the recipes over at your place. Everything is harder with the little one under foot. If only my energy level had been higher when he was not mobile....
LL - Thanks for prodding me back into the blogosphere. When you said CRob in your comment, for half a second, I thought you meant my stepson. that is what we call him. The CRob that you meant is coming to help me paint later. She helped with G-Man's room last spring. She's a super painter.
Kim - Well, come visit then. Blow off your new/old job!
Yvonne-I'm working on teaching G-Man to say "hi" on command. Right now, he says it all the time when it isn't crucial that someone else hear him. It really sounds more like "hi-ee!" in a very high voice. It's extremely cute.

Ace said...

Absolutely beautiful on the paint color. Wish I could be there to help ya paint--last time you helped me paint so I figured I might as well return the favor. :)

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