Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol Report - Top 12

This new stage has had an electrifying effect on the kids. They're rocking the Beatles out! Not everyone, mind you. But some of them. Let's talk about my favorites tonight. (photos via Rickey.org)

Carly Smithson
She's amazing. I really don't want to like her because she has already had a record deal, but you can't deny that voice. Vocal cords of steel. Like my friend Tiffany. They are both rock stars.

(I probably spelled his name wrong. Whatever. If he's going to drop his last name after the competition has already started, I don't care if I spell it wrong.) Again, I have not been a fan. I have been thinking he is lucky to have made it this far. But his song tonight was fantastic. Great arrangement and he sounded great.

David Cook
That is one of the coolest arrangements of "Eleanor Rigby" I have ever heard. And I've heard some cool arrangements. (Aretha Franklin "killed it" as our friend Randy would say.) But so did David Cook. Holy cow. Especially having to sing right after Carly Smithson.

Brooke White
I love her. I have from the start. I love that she plays instruments, I love the unique quality of her voice and that she knows what works for her, I love that she dresses modestly. She rules. Vote for Brooke. 1-866-IDOLS-07.

The Others:
Syesha Mercado: I can't remember what she sang. She doesn't measure up to the other African American diva singers that have preceded her on this show. She just doesn't. Quoting Simon - she's just forgettable.
Ramiele Malubay: Zzzzzz....sorry. I fell asleep. I know she picked it because she misses Danny Noriega, but come on. Have some personality.
Jason Castro: I liked it. I think he's a pretty talented kid. But I didn't like it enough to download his picture and talk about him in association with the group above.
David Hernandez: did NOT kill it. That stunk. Yuck. Back to your old job with you. :)
Amanda Overmyer: She reminds me a bit of Taylor Hicks - but with no personality. I like Taylor. I voted for him. If she had a personality, I would probably vote for her. But she doesn't. So I won't. Her hair does look a little better this evening. Thanks, American Idol stylists!
Michael Johns: I'm on the fence. I didn't love it. He sounds great, but I didn't love the performance. And, he's also had a record deal already.
Kristy Lee Cook: That risk did not pay off. We should not have taken that song to hillbilly land. We can do something country style without turning it into a boom-chuck country polka. That did NOT work for that song. Not, not, not. (Ugh. They're recapping now and I really can't believe how much I hate that arrangement. Not that arrangement of that song. As usual, Simon was right. I usually agree with Simon. I'm just nicer than he is.)
David Archuleta: I love him. I think he will ultimately be there at the end. But this song didn't start out well for him. And he forgot the words twice. And totally telegraphed it with his face. Ouch. And he was a little pitchy on the high notes. And don't sing Stevie Wonder arrangements unless you can sing it better than he can. (It falls under the Whitney/Barbra/Celine/Mariah Rule.) Luckily, the state of Utah will save him and he'll be there next week. (I've already tried voting and the line is busy. Go David!)

And finally, I want Simon to smack Paula. Don't tell him to be respectful when you can't quit interrupting him. She's crazy and she's getting obnoxious. I like her new song though.

P.S. Molly - sorry, but Jillian shouldn't have won Project Runway. Christian should have won. I was surprised that he won fan favorite. I thought Chris March was going to win that one.


Whitney Johnson said...

Agreed on Carly. She's great, but I just can't root for her. I want someone who hasn't had a chance -- that's what this show is about!

Yes, David Cook has that cute impish grin.

Chikeze -- oh he was good.

Brooke White is my favorite -- she is just so lovely, lovely. I voted about 7x at this point.

ktb said...

I usually can't stand this show cause Paula, Randy and Simon all bug. But now I'm curious. I'll have to tune in.

Nana said...

Thanks, I was waiting for your post on A.I. I like to watch, but end up jumping in and out during the evening. I was counting on you to tell me who to watch, and what I missed.
And what was with Paula? Was she drunk?

Molly said...

Yes Jillian's collection wasn't as "cohesive" as Christian's, but her designs were things that real people would end up wearing, not just Posh Spice. Actually, I liked Rami's stuff a lot, but he chose bad colors and I did like Christian's dress that was half brown and half cream with the belt, that was very cool. I'm not into the whole "fashion as art" thing, so I guess that's why I think Jillian should have won. She had some cute stuff in there.

Michal said...

you make me want to watch idol, something that i've never done before (at least not for more than one song.) i'm already rooting for brooke. i guess i'd better go set my tivo!

Dana said...

I agree with all your assesments except for Carly - like her voice but she's too intense for me. Can't she smile or something while she sings? A little too heavy for me.

I was torn on Project Runway but so glad that all the collections were awesome rather than in years past. Christian just needs the push more than the other two.

Macy said...

Carly is intense. I think I really liked the arrangement of "Come Together" last week.

Agreed on Project Runway. Now on to Top Chef!

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