Sunday, March 16, 2008

Michal! Alli! You're going to love this!

Chocolate Cupcake Lollipops!!

Okay. Everyone else can read this too, but I found this blog tonight and knew I needed to post about it for Michal and Allison. Read their blogs. They are awesome. And they're my stepcousins. (Is that right? Stepcousins? It sounds weird. But I think it is a technically correct description of how we know each other.) Both of them are amazing cooks and bakers and when I saw this website on sk*rt, I knew I needed to post it here so they could see it.

(And by the way everyone, if you have not visited sk*rt, you need to go over there. Some of the coolest articles and websites I find are from there. Just go. You'll figure it out. But if you have questions about what to do over there, you can also click here.)

These two awesome pictures are from this post at Bakerella's website. She does some of the coolest things with cake that I have seen in a while. Very creative. You can also check out her flickr photostream here. Michal - she has some Oreo truffles she made for St. Patrick's Day that you are going to want to make for next year. Or for dinner tomorrow night. Either one. :)


Yvonne said...

Those are cute--my Seminary kids would love them.

Michal said...

yummmmy! i will definitely pay a visit to Bakerella's site and check out her work. i am all about great ways to make and consume chocolate!:)
thanks for the shout out and for thinking of me. i'm pretty sure that we are step cousins . . . . i've never heard the term before, but that's what i'd have called it too!
gotta go. my irish soda bread is just coming out of the oven . . .
happy st. patty's day!

Allison said...

Those cupcake lollipops are so cute festive. They look like just the right size for little party goers who seem to like to wander while they eat and tend to leave 3/4 of their cake untouched on their plates. On the other hand, I may need to eat two or three of them. :)

I can't wait to check out the website!

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