Friday, February 8, 2008

Who Wants to Be a Supermodel?

G-Man does.

Well, not actually a supermodel. Just a model. A baby model.

After much encouragement from family and friends, (You are all so nice.) I took G-Man to an open call at a modeling agency in Boston. I figured we'd just go and then the next time someone told us that he should model, we could say, "Oh, we did take him to a couple of agencies. They just didn't need his type." or something like that. Better to try than to wonder later, I always say. (This is the "Miss Utah rule." More on that in another blog entry.)

We were one of three mom/baby teams there. One mom was like me - never done this, people said we should, we're giving it a try. The other mom played it off like she was new to the biz at first, but then we found out she had been taking her daughter to open calls and she later admitted to spending $700 on a modeling pageant in Connecticut.
(Gentle Reader - NEVER pay money up front for anything related to modeling/acting/performing. They should see you for free. And you should check them out on the internet and with the Better Business Bureau and the state licensing commission before you sign anything or give them money.) Obviously, I got along better with the first mom.

So, we waited and then went in to see the agency guy. He talked to me, took a digital picture of G-Man and interacted with him a bit. He gave me the rundown of how they decide and what their process is. The baby division people talk over who they saw that day and send a letter within 7 days letting you know if they want to take you on as a client or not. Pretty straight forward. We said thank you, put on our coats and drove home.

We got the letter then next day. I was really surprised to hear from them so soon. They wanted him as a client and wanted pictures ASAP. Which is why you were voting to help me decide which pictures to send. (Though each picture had redeeming qualities, #2, seen above, was the winner for this particular purpose.)

We sent the 8x10 glossies out today. We'll see what happens now. I'm hoping to at least get a couple of good blog stories out of it. And if for some reason I turn into raging stage mother, give me a smack, would you please?

Like that would ever happen.

(Me becoming a raging stage mother, not you smacking me. I know you'll do it.)


Yvonne said...

Sounds like a fun adventure.

Whitney Johnson said...

He is SO adorable. Agreed -- fun adventure.

Michal said...

cool! i've always thought that being a stage mother sounded like more work than i am willing to put forth. but i'm lazy and selfish like that! good luck with your adventure. i'm not surprised that they wanted him, the doll!

Macy said...

Michal - you are not lazy or selfish. Umm..who is home schooling their kids? Not me. :) Since I just have the one little guy to deal with, I thought we'd try it. If we had more, there would be no way.

T&H&Lennon said...

He truly could be a model; he is so good looking!!!

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