Friday, February 8, 2008

Shhhhh! It's a Secret!

So, I've had this book for a while now. I believe I bought it when Miss Oprah first promoted it last year. I haven't finished reading it yet, but Oprah talks about it a lot, so I understand the basic principle. The book talks about the law of attraction, which means you attract to you the things you focus on and think about. Like attracts like. If you focus on positive things, positive things flow to you. Even the tools you need to accomplish the positive things suddenly show up.

Oprah did another show on the law of attraction on Wednesday. (And I actually think there is something to all this. I've been thinking about it a lot - especially how the scriptures say the exact same things all these self help books do. More on that later.) I had been thinking that since I've been exercising pretty well, I need to eat better. Every healthy eating book or article I've ever read suggests that you should write down what you eat during the day to give you a better idea of the calories you actually consume. It makes you more self aware and makes the calories easier to track. I was thinking as I watched this episode of Oprah that I should change my focus to one of health instead of just losing weight and that I really needed to start writing my food down. I figured that in order to not cheat on writing things down, I also needed a small notebook that I could carry around so I would be sure to write down everything as I ate it. But I had to work yesterday and I haven't had time to go buy a notebook, so I haven't started doing this yet.

Guess what I found earlier this afternoon when I was going through a pile of stuff in my office. Yup. Small, spiral bound notebook. Exactly the right size for my purse. All because I've been focusing on being more healthy instead of worrying that I'm not losing enough weight fast enough. So, I'm starting a food journal tomorrow with my cute little notebook. I guess the universe wants me to be healthy. :)


Yvonne said...

I think it needs to be all about health, and not about weight. I find that writing down what I eat is definitely key.

Michal said...

after watching that oprah, i wondered if i am being too negative in my weight loss. i am always so grumpy after my weekly weigh in because i feel like i deserve a better number. then i grumble for a few days about how i am working my butt off for a lousy pound a week. then i grumble that other people lose faster while eating french fries and chocolate. then i grumble that my body just likes to be fat when i'm nursing. do you see a pattern? perhaps i need to make my words and thoughts more positive as i seek to improve my health and my waistline (after all, dr. oz does say that our waistline is a good predictor of health, right?)
anyway, i've been thinking alot about the law of attraction as well, and how so much of it works with the gospel principles we already know. we are on the same wavelength.

Macy said...

Yvonne - agreed. and writing down has helped me already.
Michal - I'm finding we're often on the same wavelength. :)

T&H&Lennon said...

I really enjoyed the book and its principles. So so so true. If only I'd had it while I was dating...would've saved me lots of time and tears.

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