Monday, January 7, 2008

Presidential Primaries

1. Why do all the news channels make up these corny logos and names for their political coverage? They always sound so intense.

Your Fate '08!
Commitment '08!
You Decide 2008!
Decision '08!
Race to '08!

2. Living in New England with the New Hampshire primaries tomorrow has been interesting. I had to turn off the TV today - too many political ads. (All the Boston stations are seen in New Hampshire - especially Southern New Hampshire where the big towns are.) I was thinking how glad I would be to have a break from all the ads, but then I realized that Massachusetts has a primary on Super Tsunami Tuesday.

3. Though I'll have to continue suffer the ads for a while, I'm kind of excited that I get to vote in a presidential primary. I've never been able to do that.

4. I can't remember if I'm registered as a Republican or Democrat. I need to check into that. (I usually register as a Republican, but I always end up voting for Democrats - especially in presidential campaigns. Education means a great deal to me and the Democrats have better plans for that sort of thing.) I'd like to vote for Barack. If I'm registered as a Republican, I'll probably be voting for Johnny Mac.

5. Go Johnny Mac! Mitt did do a good job in the debate last night though.

6. This whole political process will be a lot more fun with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report returning tonight. Hopefully, the shows won't be lame without their writers. I watched Jay and Conan on their first night back last week and both shows were l-ame.

P.S. Go Buckeyes! They're up 10-0 right now.

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Yvonne said...

In Canada we don't have to deal with that whole election thing for YEARS!!! It's over in 30 days--think of all the money the U.S. would save. It could be used for EDUCATION!!!

Sorry, OSU not looking so good at the moment--LSU is up 24-10

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