Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not Even for One Second

That's about how long I can turn my back on the G-Man now that he is mobile.

In the good old days (last week), I could set him down in the kitchen with measuring cups while I would cook dinner. He would scoot around a little bit, but he would pretty much stay in the same place and bang the measuring cups together. He was happy, I was happy, all was well.

Tonight, I went into the kitchen to make dinner and I moved him in the kitchen with me and gave him the measuring cups. He was happily playing as usual, so I turned to cut up some chicken for dinner. He laughed, so I turned around to look at what he was doing and saw this:

He found the drawers. He was having a grand old time opening and pushing the drawer shut. He also pulled many of the sandwich bags from their box and he would have pulled an entire package of napkins out of the drawer if I hadn't caught him just in time. (The napkin wrapper is seen in the picture above.)

More babyproofing gear for us. Speaking of which, Any suggestions on how to protect him from the brick hearth on our fireplace?


Yvonne said...

Too cute--sorry ; ) There are so many good locks you can get for the drawers.

The brick hearth is another story. I had a raised one when we lived in Toronto when Kyle was a baby/toddler and I hated it. I'm sure there are lots of great products today.

Matt, Nicki, Maizy and Hazel said...

I feel your pain...Hazel is quick to remind me what hasn't been child proofed yet. It's so easy to underestimate how clever little ones can be! Actually it can be quite cute if you think about it...watching them figure out things.

Ace said...

The fun is just beginning. . . :)

Macy said...

Yvonne - I think I found something that will work for the hearth on the One Step Ahead website. Either that, or my friend said she just put a big quilt over her hearth.

You know, that is a good way to think of it, Nicki - he's figuring stuff out. He's getting smarter.

Ace - Don't remind me. :)

Ann Dee said...

Macy, It's trouble. You're just in for it. Mr. B. has been climbing up and down the marble fireplace for months. No rest for me. Good times for him.

Emily said...

It is good to not let your child hurt himself. If you want to take our route you can let him burn himself horribly and then he'll always be afraid of "hot fire". It is very effective but not very humane :)

Michal said...

what a doll.
kimball split his head open the brick hearth on the night we signed papers to buy this house. our realtor was worried that we'd back out of the deal. no problems in the five years since, but it wasn't fun. if they fall hard enough, even the quilt won't help.
good luck with mobility!

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