Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Family Through the Years...

1975 - Me, Mom & Dad.
This picture was taken in the mortuary foyer. We went back there this Christmas for a family party and it is so bizarre to see how the mortuary has changed. Even Dad's mustache, a constant through my childhood, has changed. Maybe not so much changed as it disappears and then reappears.

1981 - Dad, Mom, Matt, Me & Molly.
Isn't Matty cute? He looks like Miles in this picture, I think. And Molly seems to be sporting Dorothy Hamill hair.

1986 (I think) - Molly, Me, Mom, Dad, & Matt.
I loved the pearls my mom is wearing in this picture. They were fun to try on. I hated my hair in this picture. My mom fixed my hair until I was in junior high. (I know. I'm lame. I'm still not good at being creative with hairstyles.) I think we had a fight with the hot rollers on this particular day.

1988 - Molly, Me, Mom, Dad, & Matt.
The big lace collar picture! It bugs me that neither my mom nor my dad are smiling. Kind of funny that we are all standing in exactly the same spots as the previous picture. How 'bout that poofy hair?! Nice! Not as many fights with the hair once we all started getting perms.

1991 - Mom, Matt, Me, Molly, & Dad.
Again, no smiles from my parents. Apparently they aren't happy I graduated from high school.
Thankfully, Molly and Matt were thrilled.

December 1999 - Former spouse, Me, Mom, Dad, Molly, & Matt.
I wasn't going to post this one, but historically it is a pretty important picture in my family. We went to have family pictures taken right before Christmas because I was home for the holidays and Matt was leaving on his mission in February. We hadn't had pictures taken in a long time and knew it would be the last time we would have everyone together for two years. My mom died a week later. It's the last family picture we have with her.
Though I wish it were a picture of just the five of us, I'm very glad we have this picture of my mom.

2003 - Me, Dad, Kim, Molly, Jason, Emily & Matt.
This picture is from Molly & Jason's wedding. It was the first one I could find with all the fantastic new family members we added in 2002 and 2003! We were really blessed to add Kim, Emily and Jason to the bunch.

2005 - Jason, Molly, Macy Elizabeth, Dad, Kim, Me, Diggity, Emily, Isaac & Matt.
As you can see, 2005 was another fantastic year for adding members to our family.
Macy Liz and Isaac were born, but most importantly, Diggity and I got married!!

2006 - Me, Diggity, Kim, Dad, Jason, Molly, Macy Liz, Emily, Isaac & Matt.
One of the things I remember about this day is that we found out that Macy Liz was allergic to peanuts. She had some Reeses' Pieces and about 15 minutes after this picture was taken, she broke out in a rash. Also, G-Man is in this picture, but he's still in my stomach which is hidden behind Matt's head.

And NOW......(drumroll)...

The new family pictures!!
December 2007

Isaac, Matt, Emily, Miles, Jason, Molly, Macy Liz, Dad, Kim, Me, Diggity, & G-Man.
The group just keeps growing! And we're guaranteed another family member the next time we take a picture. Molly is having a baby girl in April.

Macy Liz, Miles, Isaac & G-Man.
Setting up this picture was hilarious. G-Man kept wanting to play with Miles. Isaac was not having that. At one point, he stuck his foot under G-Man's behind and tipped him over. Also, every other picture or so, Isaac would run out of the frame to sit in a white wicker chair he really liked. We're not sure why.

Me, G-Man & Diggity.
I love this picture. What cute boys.


Michelle said...

I could make SO many comments on this post, but I will limit it to three:
1. I can't believe I never noticed how much Molly looks like your mom.
2. Why, in the early 90's, did we think it looked good to have the mortar board sticking straight up at the back of our heads?
3. I LOVE the last photo. :)

Macy said...

Michelle - You could make a lot of comments. :)

1. Molly does look like my mom. She has my dad's coloring, so I tend to think she looks more like my dad, but she's a good mix.
2. We had the mortar boards sticking straight up because we didn't want to crush our bangs. At least, that is why mine is sticking straight up.
3. Agreed. :)

Michelle said...

p.s. My grandma cut out a tree and put it over my aunt's ex-husband in a big family photo. Practical and hilarious at the same time. :)

Macy said...

I've considered it. Or a sticker. Or just photoshop his entire body out. But, it's the way our family was at that point in time, so I've left it alone.

Allusionist said...

Those are awesome photos. Isn't it great to look back and see how you've changed! Garrett is DARLIng! -Shelly

ktb said...

That was fun ...

Yvonne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michal said...

i never realized that we were the same age. very cool.
i loved seeing those photos of your family through the years. what a gorgeous new one!
we are so glad that kim is a part of your family. she is so wonderful and has always deserved to be a part of a family like yours. thanks for loving her.

Whitney Johnson said...

Darling, just darling! How fun that your last photo mirrors your first photo with you and your parents!

Macy said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone!

Michal - another thing we have in common! We love having Kim in our family. She's been a perfect fit. My mom's best friend put it best at Molly's wedding, "I just hope I get to be there and see it when you meet Marsha again and she thanks you for taking such good care of her family."

Whitney - I noticed that too after I posted the blog! I created a nice little circle without even meaning to!

Ace said...

I love family pictures. I'm so glad you put yours up. If nothing so that I could enjoy the hairstyles. Weren't perms marvelous things? I remember myself with some sort of mushroom shaped haircut. GO 80s!!

Rhonda said...

What a great post! Sometimes in the fun of keeping up with people all over the country, I forget that the great thing about blogging is that it preserves moments for future readers. Your kids will love this one.

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