Sunday, January 20, 2008

Little Bro

I distinctly remember when Matt was born. I was in 2nd Grade. It was 1981 on Inauguration Day. I talked about him being born in Show and Tell that day. I wanted to name him "Ronald Hostage" because I knew that Ronald Reagan was being inaugurated and the hostages were being freed from Iran. (I've always enjoyed current events.) I remember picking out an outfit to bring him home. I remember being so excited for school to be over that day so we could go to the hospital in Salt Lake and see him. I've often wondered if being born on Inauguration Day predisposed his interest in politics. I'll choose to believe it.

He's the hardest working, most driven person I know. He's an outstanding writer. He loves mangoes. He loves juice and Slurpees and shakes and you can't share a drink with him because he'll drink it so fast you won't get any for yourself. (I'm the same way.) He's a great athlete. He makes up new last names for us whenever he sends us mail. (The Robocops, The Robitussens, etc.) He's willing to make sacrifices to accomplish his goals.

Here are some other things about my brother, Matt. He's 27 years old today.

He's a super fun uncle.

He can sleep anywhere. He's always been like that.

He likes to mug for the camera, just like me. Molly always smiles and looks cute and is photogenic. Matt and I make faces and stupid poses.

Except in this picture. This one is nice. It's his pre-mission picture. He went to Taiwan, so he can speak Mandarin Chinese. When he came home, he still practiced to keep his language skills. He would practice with a tape when he would get ready for school in the morning. I woke up every morning to Chinese tones ringing from the bathroom.

He's a fantastic son.

Whenever he gets his picture taken with Molly and I, he always stands in the middle and puts us in a headlock.
(Even in his wedding pictures.)

He gets really tense when he watches "Cars" with Isaac. (Isaac's hand is on his arm. Isn't that cute?)

I think of all the things Matt is, he's the most outstanding as a husband and father. I knew he would be great at both those things, but he works hard at both roles and makes them a priority and truly loves and enjoys his family more than anything else. It's inspiring to watch him with his wife and kids. I know he misses them today, so I hope these pictures make him smile.

Happy Birthday Matty! You're the


Yvonne said...

I don't know him very well, but I have to agree--he's a pretty great guy. I think that is so fun that he was born on Inauguration day--I love your thought that that has something to do with his love of politics.
Hope he has a great day.

.caroline armelle. said...

hi. thanks for your comment and tip on finding fabric. i scrolled through your blog to see if i knew you and totally random, but i know your brother matt. we were friends in high school. we hung out in washington d.c. for our government class..
anyhow, thanks for the comment.

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