Friday, January 4, 2008

Denver Airport

Hates me and I hate it. I seem to get stuck here on my cross country trips. I don't usually mind. But today because of the weather on the West coast, G-Man and I have been sitting at the Denver Airport for almost 8 hours and we have 2 more to wait before our flight for home leaves. First our plane was stuck in San Francisco. Then they got a plane and started boarding it, only to get halfway done and find out that we have to stop boarding and disembark the plane because our captain is in San Francisco too. With no one willing to replace him. So we've been waiting. Luckily, G-Man has had a couple of short, good-quality naps in his new high-tech stroller that reclines (and has a tray and I can open it with one hand and it weighs about 3 pounds. I love this stroller). Without the naps and the free wifi, we'd be in much worse shape right now. The super lame part will be that we arrive home at 12:30 and then have to wait for luggage and then have to drive. And Diggity and I planned this ticket so I could get home at a reasonable hour and put the boy to bed and perhaps unpack. Oh well.


Michelle said...

I sympathize. I have been stuck in many airports with Megan. I hope the rest of the trip went smoothly!

Also, no fair bragging about how much you love your stroller and not telling us what kind it is! :)

Neal said...

People don't realize that Macy is a real hero for this experience. She ended up staying even later and THEN stay in a hotel. Her ordeal ain't over yet. During this entire time, I could have driven to Denver and picked her up ; )

Whitney Johnson said...

What a BUMMER! It is hard to get stuck in airports on your own -- with children, well.... as you say, WiFi is wonderful.

Safe travels,


Yvonne said...

I'm so sorry that you and g-man are stuck there. Glad you have that new stroller--must be very nice!!!
Hope you guys get home and your able to get a good nights rest.

We're thinking about you! Give the little guy a hug from his other grandma.

Ace said...

Yuck. So sorry that you had such a crazy adventure getting home. What a trooper you are. And what a trooper G-man is turning out to be. Way to go, SUPER MOM!

Framingham Provident Living Specialists said...

Be glad to be safe on the ground in Denver. Our boys went back to SLC on Friday morning by way of San Francisco. One of my sons commented,"People were losing it all over the place on the plane going in for a landing. I almost did but was ok. Then I looked over at Joe (his brother) and he was clenching his teeth!" They both said it was pretty rough. But then they got on their connecting flgiht on time and flew back up....good tail wind back to Utah! Only loss was one suitcase!
Happy New Year to you and yours!
Diana Umina
aka Framingham Ward Provident Living Specialist

Michal said...

i hope you made it home ok. that is so frustrating. and i feel a tiny bit responsible, since i am a northern californian and it was our weather that was responsible for messing with your trip. (i've just stayed home for two days and watched trees fall and trash cans blow down the street.)

Macy said...

Michelle - thanks. G-Man and I have been stuck in airports before, but this trip was pretty extreme. It's a Peg Perego Aria stroller. I love it.

Diggity - you are the sweetest ever.

Whitney - thanks. And Wifi is wonderful. It helped a lot during the ordeal.

Yvonne - thanks for the positive thoughts and for calling last night.

Ace - thanks! I got your e-mail about the Office Enthusiast. I'm proud of your attitude.

Diana - Thanks for the reality check. You're right - it was good that we were safe on the ground. United did a good job and we were well taken care of at the hotel. I was so astounded at how rude many of the people were that were waiting with me.

Michal - You certainly aren't responsible. :) I hope everything is okay at your house with all the storms!

Michelle said...

Macy, we are so meant to be. I also have the Aria and love it! Now if only I could Megan to want to ride in it....

Glad you made it home safe and sound!

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