Friday, December 28, 2007

When G-Man Met Mr. Baby

As I mentioned previously, while we have been here in Utah, G-Man had the chance to meet his secondcousinonceremoved Mr. Baby.

I need to give you some family connections before I review the events of the evening.

Mr. Baby's mom is a famous author. You should read her book. Mr. Baby's mom is my firstcousinonceremoved. (She is my mom's first cousin. I think we have the genealogy right.) Mr. Baby's aunt is KTB. Also my firstcousinonceremoved, KTB also used to teach with me at the most fantastic junior high in Northern Utah County. KTB is an amazing science teacher and basketball coach and now works here instead of teaching junior high kids about fatty acids. Mr. Baby's first cousin was also there. She lives in a city with lots of lights, used to teach school, just completed a triathlon and does those amazing yoga classes where they turn the heat up in the room. She also has a Very Cool Baby with a very cool name who is just younger than the G-Man. The Very Cool Baby couldn't join us yesterday evening because he needed some rest. Visiting family for the holidays is hard work for these babies.

So, we went to Mr. Baby's house yesterday to see our family members and have dinner. We decided to let the G-Man and Mr. Baby get acquainted and put them on the floor next to each other to play. Here's what happened:

(please note that G-Man is a blur in most of these pictures because he would not stop moving. Also, Mr. Baby and his mom and dad are saints for so kindly accepting G-Man's "love" and energy.)

G-Man: Hey, Mr. Baby! Let's play!
Mr. Baby: watching the camera

G-Man: I said, LET'S PLAY!
Mr. Baby: Do I know you?

G-Man: Your hair is cool! It's curly! Can I play with it?
Mr. Baby: No.
G-Man: Can I pull it?
Mr. Baby: No.

G-Man: Hey, Mr. Baby! Come over here!
Mr. Baby: I think I'll stay by my mom, thanks.

G-Man: Okay, I'll come to you then.
Mr. Baby: Who is this kid? You're actually taking pictures of this?

At this point, I decided that I should switch over to video because G-Man was moving around so much.

And then, we had to call it and separate the two of them.

The rest of the evening was much less violent. We all ate dinner and then Mr. Baby went to bed. I got talking with my cousins and we stayed until way past G-Man's bedtime because I wasn't paying attention to what time it was. But before we left, we took this picture:

It was so fun to spend the evening with family. I have many happy memories of spending time with Mr. Baby's Mom and her Super Cool Roommates when I was living in Utah. And Molly and I loved having KTB in our singles ward. Molly says she met her husband J because of KTB sitting by him in church. I loved getting to see Mr. Baby's First Cousin after keeping up with her through her blog (blogging is so cool) and I was reminded of how great Mr. Baby's Dad is. I was totally rooting for him when he was dating Mr. Baby's Mom. He's a fantastic dad and an awesome guy and picture taker. We have cool family, yes, we do.

Mr. Baby, Mr. Baby's Mom and Mr. Baby's Dad - I would like to formally apologize for the face shot there at the end of the video. G-Man has never gone for the face before. He hasn't had the chance to play with very many people his size yet, and when he has, he usually touches their arms or legs. I also apologize that I let the two of you referee the whole meeting because I was getting cute pictures. And Mr. Baby, I hope you had a wonderful first birthday today.


Ann Dee said...

No hard feelings. We feel that Mr. Baby needs a little bumping around here and there. He needs to fend for himself. And thank you for being so nice about us. We're not so famous or so great but yes, we do have good people in our family. We were so happy to see you again and I think Mr. Baby learned a thing or two from his younger cousin.

Ace said...

This post made me laugh right out loud. At least he hasn't taken to biting people like Monkey did. There were many a day in Nursery where children would leave with tooth-like imprints on various parts of their body. Size didn't matter either. He bit me and my mom on several occasions. In fact, we're still scared of him sometimes. :)

T&H&Lennon said...

Thanks for the fun night...I'm sad I didn't see the interaction with the boys before I showed up...either way, great to see you guys! I loved meeting your kids!

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