Wednesday, December 12, 2007


To many of you reading this, my next sentence will be completely old news.

I have an amazing husband.

I know this. I tell him this. But the wonderful little things he does for me everyday have become quite evident since he is on a business trip this week.

Keeping up with the G-Man is a trick some days. I often leave a trail of used bottles, dirty dishes, smeared bibs and wet diapers in my wake as I go through the day. I try to keep up on these things, but it is just not happening this week. I woke up Tuesday morning (at 3:30!!! more on that later...) to make G-Man a bottle, only to discover that I hadn't cleaned any of the bottles I used on Monday. Diggity usually disinfects all of them for me before he goes to bed. I always say thank you, but even so, I felt like I hadn't been appreciating his efforts enough when I had to wash bottles with a crying baby in my arms at that time of morning. (3:30. Did I mention that?)

This is just one small example of all the things Diggity does for G-Man and I every day. I love him and I miss him and I'm glad he gets home soon.

P.S. G-Man is chewing on his dad's slippers right now just to show how much he loves and misses him.


Amanda said...


Yvonne said...

Yes, he is a pretty great guy. His mom thinks he is very lucky to have such a wonderful wife.

Ace said...

I concur. :)

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