Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WFMW: Teething help?

I always enjoy reading the Works For Me Wednesday blogs at Rocks In My Dryer. I have found great organizing tips, have learned about marvelous products (like Baby Bjorn bibs! I'm in love with this fabulous invention. No more washing bibs for me!), and been inspired by some wonderful ideas (like this tablecloth. Very cool idea for when people visit your house.)

Today is Backwards Day at WFMW. Instead of everyone sharing a helpful tip, we get to throw a question out to the blogosphere and solicit the wisdom and advice of anyone willing to share what works for them.

As I have talked about here and also here, the G-Man is teething for the first time this week. Now, next to his tiny little first tooth, it looks like there is another about to break through. The poor kid doesn't know what to do with himself. He is whiny and tired and in pain and covered in drool and coughing and has a stuffy nose and won't eat. I have been giving him Tylenol, but I would love some other options. I have heard that Orajel just gets washed away with the drool. I'm giving him cold toys to chew on. I'm cuddling with him when he gets upset. I'm at a loss for what else to try.

So here's the question....

What remedies have worked for you with teething babies?

If you have no expertise in this area, but wish to help some of the other questioning bloggers out there, check out Backwards Day at Rocks In My Dryer!


Jen said...

After three kids, I know there is no miracle cure for a teething baby but here is something that worked for me.

I took clean washclothes, wet them through and folded them up to fit into a plastic zip baggie then tossed them in the freezer. I found that they were just the right texture to chew on, stayed cold longer and releived a crabby teether, if only for a few hours.

Warning: As they melt they will get baby wet, so a bib is recommended, but I had heavy droolers, so they were usually donning a bib anyway! Hope this helps!

Robin said...

Hyland's Teething Tablet (homeopathic) worked well for my son. And frozen washcloths.

Corrie said...

I second Robin's suggestion, they helped take the edge off for our kids.

Susan said...

I am in another country so unsure if this is available in US. They have a gel that numbs gums (homeopathic), it helps and frozen teething rings worked for us. We are working through this issue now. We have no access to the Hyland Teething Tables I keep hearing about.

~liz said...

i third the hylands teething tablest. and you can now find them at walmart and target (and larger drug stores). they's been so helpful to two of my teething boys!

Yvonne said...

I still think Orajel is great. I also used to use the frozen washrags.

I love just holding, cuddling, and comforting my babies when they were teething. (Call me crazy--most people do!!!)

Lori said...

My daughter is teething now also and what has worked really well for us is to wrap a slice of apple in a damp baby wash cloth and let her "chew" on that. She seems to do better with that than the teething rings, probably becuase she gets a little apple taste with the relief of chewing.

carrie said...


I recently blogged about a couple tips:

Hope you find something that works for you!

Kathy Days said...

-really cold wash clothes for -chewing
-As they get old enough for apple but no teeth to bite off chucnks, peel a cold apple and them 'em go to town on it.

Jill said...

Here is my orajel warning. Some kids love it, but not all. My youngest flipped out when we put it in her mouth. I guess the numbing really freaks some kids out. She screamed for close to 1/2 hour which was much worse that any complaining that was going on from teething. NOw, I just stick to Tylenol.

Michal said...

i'm an orajel fan, as well as the homeopathic stuff. we try to avoid tylenol unless we're desperate (hubby's a chiropractor and he's not that into the drugs.) i also like the teething rings that you keep in the fridge. hope you're over this hump soon!

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