Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mr. Hyde

Isn't this a sweet sight? Nothing like a sleeping baby. That sweet little boy just doesn't look like he can do anything that will confuse or frustrate his parents, right?


I was happy to find this picture as proof that our son really does sleep. You see, yesterday, G-Man suddenly decided that he didn't want to sleep anymore. One 20 minute nap for a boy that usually takes at least three naps that are at 1-2 hours long. Also, he decided that either Diggity or I had to be holding him or he felt he needed to whine and cry. All while we were trying to clean up our yard. We took turns holding him and taking care of him, so it worked out. We blamed it on the teeth that must be coming soon (seriously, he drools so much), but I'm not sure they are ever really coming.

After more of the same today, now he has started to cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry when we take him into his bedroom and put him in his crib.

I'm glad that G-Man loves us and seems to enjoy hanging out with us. Really, I am. It truly tugs on your heart strings when he grins at you or when he is crying and he stops when you pick him up and give him a hug. But I must admit, I miss our even tempered predictable little guy. Maybe he'll come back some day soon.


Yvonne said...

Maybe you and Diggity need to try and be BORING and you'll put him to sleep. If you'd like I'll come and talk to him--it works wonders for Allan, he IMMEDIATELY falls asleep when I talk to him ; ) I hope he starts sleeping again.

Thanks for my picture fix.

Ace said...

The best is yet to come. Wait until the terrible twos. Awesome. Love you all.


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