Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Na, na, na, na...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance. I get excited for American Idol to finish so SYTYCD can start. This year, I decided I really needed to see the tour when it came to Boston. I waited too long last summer to get tickets and it was completely sold out when I tried to buy them. Diggity was not interested in accompanying me to the event and kindly agreed to babysit G-Man. I knew my friend Dana would want to attend, and when I contacted her about the second ticket, she was excited and wanted to come along.

We've had these tickets for a long time. We were very excited to go. Then a series of crazy events in Dana's life made it look like she wouldn't be able to attend. I left it up to her, but encouraged her to come if she could arrange it because she needed a break. (Side note - I truly admire how well she is handling things and how amazing her family is at supporting her through everything that is happening right now. Lots of people love them and it is fantastic to witness.)

We ended up having a fantastic time. I had forgotten how much fun Dana is at events like this. She was annoyed that we didn't think to make signs and t-shirts once we arrived and were in our seats. And she screamed a lot. ("I LOVE YOU NEIL!!") I laughed and screamed with her.

The show was amazing and I was thrilled that they performed my favorite routines, including this one: (Take a second and watch it)

I get teary every time I see this dance. And seeing it live, I was holding back the ugly cry the whole time. They made a couple of changes for the tour. They showed the package from the show that preceded the dance and at the end of Mia talking about the dance, all the other dancers came out in white outfits and walked to the front of the stage with armfuls of flowers. Facing the audience, they walked slowly backward as they tossed the flowers in the air and then turned to leave as the dance started - they were still leaving the stage as Lacey and Neil started the dance and were looking for each other. And at the end, there was a picture of Mia Michaels with her dad that they put on the video screens.

Even though I miss my mom every day, I don't cry as much as I used to. Unless I see something like this. Or hear a song that makes me think of seeing her again. I'm extremely moved by the arts. I guess it's good that they've become my life's work.


Yvonne said...

I bet you had a great time.

Dana said...

Truly was a fantastic night. Tshirts are a must next year ("I'll laugh, Niel!" "Sabra's arms, Jamie's legs" "Dominic can drop me!") but maybe I'll just find me a SYTYCD sweatsuit. Thanks for the invite!

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