Friday, September 21, 2007

Sarah Jane

My friend Sarah is an amazing artist. I learned this about her after performing with her and knowing she was a fabulous singer and actress and person. Her husband (also an outstanding dancer and choreographer and teacher) taught with me for a few years and was always kind enough to help out with the musicals. When we were talking about the set one day, he told us that Sarah wanted to come paint the set. I could not believe how great it looked when I walked in and saw what she had done. Sweet Apple, Ohio was alive on that stage! Truly, if she and Ken weren't the nicest people on the planet, you'd want to push them or kick them in the shins or something. ;) They're both that talented.

Sarah has working up a portfolio - mainly focusing on children's images and nursery art - for the past while and is opening an Etsy store soon. Imagine my thrill when I checked out Design Mom today and Sarah was one of the blog entries for today! Go Sarah! I'm so excited for you!

Check out Sarah's art here and her blog here.


Sarah Jane said...

how much do I pay you?

Michal said...

i love it. i've now checked out her site and her art and i can't wait to buy some. tell her to hurry up with the etsy shop!

Macy said...

Michal - I totally agree. I love all of it, but I really think the Halloween stuff is adorable. The owl is so cute.

Sarah - First of all, I'd never let anyone pay me for talking about something that is wonderful. Second of all, you and Ken have done so much to help me, consider it a return favor if you must.

Ace said...

I agree. I couldn't have done that show without her or Kenneth or YOU!

I like the new layout of the blog! I do have a question, how do you get the little lines to frame the pictures you upload? Is it just an automatic thing from your layout design? Just wondering.

aaronandsharla said...

MACY!! How are you? I hope you get this- I found your blog through Molly's that was on my friend Rebecca's that is linked to mine! Isn't blogging great? My sister has a little girl named Macy- the sister that is Molly's age. Hope you are well!! Find me in blog world- and I'd love to catch up and keep in touch! Love Sharla (frisby) Palmer Your little boy is very cute- we just had boy number 2-

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