Monday, August 13, 2007

Food, Glorious Food

G-Man tried out his new highchair today. He liked it at first.

Then, not so much. And he was quite difficult to get out of the highchair because of his monkey feet. He kept grabbing the leg separator with his feet and then yelling because I wasn't getting him out of the chair fast enough.

G-Man has suddenly stopped sleeping through the night. My friend Heidi suggested that we try to feed him cereal, so today was the first attempt.

No, he isn't foaming at the mouth. He actually did a great job! He opened his mouth for the spoon every time I gave it to him. He didn't spit out the cereal (he did let it dribble out from time to time) and he was having a good time trying to grab the spoon out of my hand as I was feeding him. I was planning to wait until we got home from our next trip to feed him cereal, but I really want the kid to start sleeping through the night. I'm hoping this does the trick. I do feel bad because Diggity is out of town and wasn't here to see the first cereal feeding. I know he's seen it before and will see it again, but I still feel bad. But he will get to see the pictures while he is on his trip.


Yvonne said...

As always, love the pictures. I think I have the same picture of his Uncles Brent and Kyle "foaming at the mouth". I'm sorry to hear he's not sleeping through the night and hope that the cereal helps alleviate the problem. Give him a big hug from his Grandma/.

Molly said...

I love the picture of him in the high chair. He's SO big!!! Speaking of so big, have you taught him "So Big" yet?

Kris said...

What a babe!

anrobi said...

He looks like such a big boy in the first picture. How did he get so much older in two weeks!

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