Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Utah Update

1. I finished Harry Potter on Sunday night. I loved the book and though I am sad it is the last one, I'm quite pleased with the events in the book. We're seeing the movie today. I'm a little out of my usual pattern on everything regarding Harry Potter, but that has become normal for me...being out of my old patterns.
2. I got my copy of This Is What I Did: signed. I don't think I have ever had an author sign a book for me before. It was exciting. I also got to see my friends.
3. My family is great.
4. I got to go hear a former student of mine speak before he leaves on his LDS mission to Moscow, Russia. He did a fantastic job. It is pretty amazing to see the 14 year olds all grown up! Thanks for texting me Beth!
5. G-Man likes swimming.

I like his hat:

He didn't even cry, even though the water was cold.

And he loves his grandpa. As well as the rest of the family he is meeting.

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