Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol - Top 12

Going to have to do the show and the results in the same night. I didn't get to watch the girls' results last week, and I was SO upset to see the girls that were left. I really liked both Lilly and Katelyn. Bugged.

Why is Kara borrowing Paula's wardrobe?

Michael - Love him. LOVE. A-
Didi - She has a fantastic voice, but I'm SO bored right now. No Grade. The judges liked her a lot. I think that was one of those performances that read well in the studio, but not so much through the TV.
Casey - I must be in a bad mood right now. I didn't like that either. C
Lacey - I'm slightly angry she's in the top 12. No Grade.
Andrew - I'm more and more disappointed in him every week. No Grade.
Katie - She's a little pitchy. Especially at the beginning. C
Tim - I really hated that. A lot. F.
Siobhan - She's amazing. Loved the beginning, loved when she went to uptempo. The end was a little screamy, but still amazing. A
Lee - This is literally the first time I've even noticed this guy. I liked the arrangement. He has a good voice. B+
Paige - That was decent. I haven't liked her at all until tonight, and I was irritated she made it through to the top 12. But I'm not upset about her. B
Aaron - He sang one note and I fast forwarded it. I just don't like him. No Grade. The judges liked him, but I was to irritated to stick around for it.
Crystal - Not sure about her entering through the big sliding screen, but I love this song for her. She's awesome. I love her twist on this song. A.

It's the Crystal and Siobhan show, as far as I'm concerned. With Michael sticking around for as long as possible.

Didn't miss the group number. It might be coming later, but I didn't miss it. I like David Cook.

New GLEE commercial!!! I literally could not be more excited about the show starting again.

That was a decent Ford commercial. I actually liked that one.

Bottom 3:

Totally on board for those three.

We fast forwarded through all the performances.

Lacey is going home. Fantastic. Couldn't be more thrilled about that. And obviously, they aren't going to save her. Bye, Lacey!

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Allison said...

I agree, Kara has become Paula this season. Paula hair and wardrobe, and Paula silliness with Simon.
We go rid of our cable again so I am back to watching the performances on the internet. I am glad Lacey is gone, but it will several weeks before they get rid of all the people who don't belong there (ie. Andrew, Katie, Tim, Paige). I can see why Casey and Aaron are there, but I wouldn't be dissappointed to see them go. Lee is good when he can find the pitch and I haven't quite decided what I think about Didi. I guess, after this week, I'm ready for the final three. Michael, Siobhan, and Crystal. :)

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