Thursday, March 4, 2010

AI - Top 20 Results Show

Tonight's Group Song: "I Got a Feelin'" by the Black Eyed Peas.

This is going to be awful. I may not even be able to watch long enough to make fun of their lip synching. Seriously, people! Hold the microphone like you hold it when you are actually singing!
And I can't even talk about the "choreography." Why am I still watching this?

The one great thing about results shows at this point, is that I can basically watch the whole show on fast forward.

My friend Michael is safe. That's all I care about.

First eliminated: John Park

That's a good call. He was awful.

Does anyone else hate the way they make the parents of the eliminated contestants stand on the upstairs balcony and watch their child perform? Or is it just me?

Second eliminated: That Jermaine kid that wears the footie pajamas.

Danny Gokey! I like this song! Go Danny!

Third eliminated: Michelle Delamor

That's a good choice too. She was kind of boring.

And the last elimination of the night is between Lacey and Haeyleyeyey Homemade Headband.

Fourth eliminated: Haeyleyiei-ei-oh Vaughn

I was going to say something about her terrible, terrible extensions, but I wasn't sure they were extensions until the highlight reel they showed of the initial auditions and Hollywood week.

Um, they are extensions. And that is some terrible hair.

Sorry. That was catty. I really do feel sorry for her that she has to sing after crying through that highlight reel.

Yikes. Can't watch this.

What did you think? Did the right people go home? Is anyone out there reading this? :)


Shelley said...

I just got done watching and I was very happy with the 4 leaving. If I had to listen to Haeley sing one more time I was going to boycott AI. Ok, not really. But I would have put her on mute and I need a Tivo.

Staci said...

I emotionally committed last year that I would never watch AI again. Unlike SYTYCD, which left me glowy and uplifted each week, I would like you, watch Idol on fast forward, cringing, or balled up in the fetal position in agony. I was always yelling at the TV or complaining and Andrew noted that I rarely enjoyed it. So I said, hmmm, enough is enough.

So, being in bed with the TV and cable box downstairs, it has not been hard to make good on my committment. It's kinda nice. I don't miss it. I feel like I overcame an addiction that was dragging me down. ;)

I still get a little fix by reading your recaps though.

Dana said...

Don't watch the show - I'm way too behind to care anymore. I like your updates though...oh, and I like you.

Macy said...

Shelley - you do need a Tivo. I can't imagine watching AI live.

Staci - You're absolutely right about SYTYCD leaving me uplifted and AI making me crazy. I think it's because the AI kids have a strategy and are trying to become famous. It used to be that they just loved to sing. Now, they all want record deals.

Dana - I've been on the verge of not watching for a couple weeks now. I'll probably still watch and update, but I've cut the comments way down. I like you too. Let's go to lunch next week.

Grammy said...

I guessed 3 out of the 4 correctly - not bad. I messed up because I couldn't decide between Lacey and Michelle - I picked Lacey. Oh well. We have a group of folks here at work who make guesses each week as to who will be going home - last year I won the whole thing. Well see if I can do as well this year.

Allison said...

I know, I'm a lurker, because I never comment, but... I have to say that the only reason that I watch AI is because of your comments and critiques of the show. Last season, I watched the performances online, this year I have DVR and skip through lots. Thanks for your “catty” comments, they make watching the show worthwhile.

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