Wednesday, March 10, 2010

AI - Girls Top 8

We're almost to the Top 12! Almost to the big stage!!

Katie Stevens ("Breakaway") - Poor thing. She's trying so hard. And so mature in taking criticism. But vocally, a C.

Siobhan Magnus ("House of the Rising Sun") - Starting a'cappella! Atta kid! I think she's my favorite vocally. I don't love this song, but she was great. A.

Lacey Brown - (I don't know the song and I didn't want to rewind it or look it up to figure it out.) I can't stand her voice. Sounds like she's been sucking on helium, and she has sheep-bleat vibrato. I also don't think her voice matches her look. No Grade. The judges seem to be happy though.

Katelyn Epperley ("I Feel the Earth Move") - She's my second favorite. I think she's cute, and I love her voice. The judges are going to find something wrong though. B+.

Didi Benami ("Rhiannon") Love it. She has not been on my radar much, but I like the sound of this and love her performance too. And I did take the time to look up the name of this song, because I liked it. A-.

Paige Davis ("Smile") As a general rule, I don't think people should sing this song on American Idol. They don't usually have the chops or the stage presence to pull it off. She started too low, and she's kind of shaky. No grade. I boo-dooped her and checked back in to see if it got better, and it didn't. Got worse.

Crystal Bowersox ("Give Me One Reason to Stay Here") This is a perfect song choice for her. She has Simon tapping along - nice! I loved the second verse. Nothing like a good 12 bar blues song. Crystal is awesome. The end was great. A.

Lilly Scott ("I Fall to Pieces") Her little warbly vocal style sounds like she's out of tune to me. I'm still undecided on her. The studio audience seemed to like it. B.

I think Paige and Lacey are going home on Thursday.

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Allison said...

I think Katie and Paige should go home on Thursday. They were both pretty bad. I'm with you on Lacy and Siobhan. I think that the judges are too harsh on Katelyn too.

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