Thursday, December 10, 2009

SYTYCD Top 10 & Top 8 Recap - Slacker Edition

Top 10 -
• How much did you love Jakob and Ellenore's routine last week? I don't think I loved it as much as Shankman, but I did love it and it was a Sonja piece, so that's saying a lot.
• Love, love, loved Kathryn in the Broadway routine. She's becoming a favorite of mine.
• The samba that Anya & Pasha choreographed was SO amazing.

• Loved the super hero routine. And I really liked the Snoop Dogg number with Qwest Crew.
• Super glad about the results last week. Nathan and Noelle were the two that needed to go. Because of Nathan's "fan base" I thought he's stay longer, but I guess the fans turned on him.

Top 8 -
• Liked the Travis Wall routine with Legacy and Ellenore. That was crazy.
• Jakob and Mollee's waltz was just beautiful and it made me smile. I think that is my favorite of the night.
• Russell's solo in the Santa suit was awesome.
• Ryan and Kathryn's disco was kind of boring for me, but I thought the cha cha was fantastic. It makes me want to go to NYC and see "Burn the Floor" if that's the type of choreography Jason Gilkerson creates.
• Could Tabitha & Napoleon be any cuter?
• Ryan's plea for Ashleigh may have been one of the sweetest things ever.
• GO Russell on the Bollywood number! That was just fun to watch.

Top 8 Results
• Not loving the opening number. Kind of crazy. Another Sonya routine.
• Also not loving the results. But I rarely love the results at this point. I think Ashleigh was lucky her husband pleaded for her. It was also good they showed her rehearsal footage. I think Ryan was a bit lucky too. I'm just glad Russel, Jakob, Kathryn and Ellenore are in the finale. They're my favorites.

Interesting that next week's finale has a top 6. It's going to be a bit odd. I'm not feeling the buildup and excitement like in past seasons.

What do you think? Did you like the results?


Yvonne said...

I called Heidi last night and she was VERY distracted--I didn't realize I was calling right in the middle of the show ; )

Emily said...

I am okay with the results, I might be done with Ryan, but I thought it was time for Legacy to go too. I actually really liked Mollee (sp) in that waltz. It was so pretty. I hated her so much at first but haven't minded her as much lately. I wish I could watch the finale with you.

Dana said...

Derick wants a finale party - guess he needs soemone to remark about Kat Deeley's dresses in person. :) Got time?

I LOVED the cha cha and the waltz but was glad to see Mollee go if it meant Elleanore stayed. She did break my heart crying ...or trying so hard NOT to cry, at the end. It would have been a bummer to lose Ashleigh after so much good with not seeing her.

I didn't like the murder piece.

Loved the Broadway.

Wasn't all that impressed with the disco - seemed not synchronized.

Everything else do you say..."meh".

Loved and hated Glee. We'll have to discuss. And what does "spring" mean - like January or like April?

Staci said...

THANKGOODNESS. geez. I need a forum, dangit.

I think a final 6 is lame. I need it to go down a little more.

I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Jakob Ellanore Sonja piece last week. I watched it three times. My fav of the season so far hands down.

Also, the Jakob Mollee Waltz was my favorite of this week. I think he's stunning.

I am ok with Mollee going, though I am not convinced she was any better than Noelle.

I am very ok with Legacy going.

Ryan and Ashleigh got sympathy votes and I hate sympathy votes.

I like Ellanore more and more every week but Kathryn was my pick for top girl from week 1 and she's a rock star.

I loved Russell in that Shane Sparks number and wish I could have seen Ashleigh do it, since she is surprisingly good at hip hop.

I am not in love with Travis Wall as a choreographer, and Legacy and Ellanore's hip hop was awful. Not sure if was the lame remix that wasn't hard hitting enough to do good hip hop, or that Nappy Tab actually biffed this one. What do you think?

I've never gotten tickets to se SYTYCD on tour, Count me in for seaons 6 tour. I really wanna see these dancers!

Staci said...

that was a whole lotta typos

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