Saturday, November 7, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 18 Performance/Results Show

First, a Top 20 Recap -

Intro Show:
They really need to do this every season. I loved it. The Wade Robson dance that opened the show was so fantastic that the rest of the show was almost a letdown.

Billy Bell is a glorious dancer. Glorious. And I loved this contemporary piece by Mandy Moore. So joyful, so fun. I'm glad to have seen Billy in such a great piece before he got sick.

I also liked the ballroom piece. I don't like Ashleigh very much at this point. People are going to vote her off if she keeps telling the audience that Ryan is HER man when they cheer for him. I'm just sayin'...

The rest of the pieces...meh.

Top 20 Performance/Results Show:
- No, Cat, I do not like the new set. And I don't like your dress much tonight either.
- I love Russell.
- I LOVE Adam Shankman. He gives great critiques, he's funny and even when he's being critical, he's giving them something to improve on.
- I also love Ryan.
- Mollie, Ashleigh...not so much. If they dance well, I'll vote for them because they are Utah girls, but that's the only reason.
- I love, love, LOVE Jakob.

Top 18 Performance/Results Show:
- Cat's dress and hair were fabulous. Cat, you're so pretty!
- Billy Bell can start at the Top 100, and Brandon can re-audition again if he wants. I think that's fair.

Russell & Noelle - Hip Hop
Tennis!?! Yes! Okay. I loved that. They even switched sides mid-dance. Not sure what happened to Noelle's arial near the end. That was frightful.

Ashleigh & Jacob - Viennese Waltz
I think this may be my favorite waltz I've ever seen. Love the concept. Love the dancers. That was beautiful. Ashleigh is still a little presentational for me. I know that comes from the Latin ballroom stuff. I hope she can break through it. Never heard a judge give notes to the choreographers like Adam did. Needed to be said though.

Victor & Bianca - Broadway
This song is from "The Color Purple" and I'm not sure if it's going to work. It didn't. Victor is lame. And that was kind of boring for me. And I'm glad Adam mentioned Alvin Ailey's "Revelations," as I think Tyce may have been heavily inspired by (or may have actually lifted) some sections of that piece. I could be wrong. I've only seen "Revelations" a couple times.

Mollie & Nathan - Bollywood
I don't think Mollie should be allowed to speak. I much prefer when she just dances. she makes me a little crazy. Okay. That dance was awesome. I don't always love the Bollywood and I really liked that.

Channing & Phillip - Samba
Okay, I know nothing about ballroom, but I'm pretty sure Mary's going to say something about Channing and the hip action stuff. She's still a bit stiff. And STRUGGLES on some of the lifts. Awkward ending.

Kevin & Karen - Hip Hop
That was a fun routine. Adam falling out of his chair made me howl out loud. That was hilarious. But again, Cat's "Big, old drama queen" comment that was completely missed was even more funny.

Legacy & Kathryn - Contemporary
I'm worried that this will be a little like Mia's addiction dance. I love Stacey Tookey though. I liked that a lot, actually. Like that she faced the fear and conquered it at the end. That was great. Really, great. Raves from the judges. A double positive from Mary!

Peter & Pauline - Jazz
Wade & Amanda Robson! Yes! What an awesome concept. I hope it's cool. That was fun. I love that Wade's pieces are a whole experience. Props, costumes, everything.

Ryan & Ellenore - Argentine Tango
I'm pretty sure this is going to be awesome. Ummm...yes. And how awesome is Ellenore for dancing with her dress caught on her heel and never missing a step.

Bottom Four:

Bianca is going home. I'm kind of surprised by that one. All the kids look devastated. And Phillip too. Two tappers. I didn't think Nigel would let that happen in the same night. Those are the two eliminations I would have made based on their dances and solos tonight. I think Bianca in particular was hurt by people not getting to vote because of the World Series. It's a little unfair, really. The judges still choose at the beginning, so she may have gone home depending on votes, but I think she had a pretty solid following.

But I digress...

We get to vote next week. Hurray!


Molly said...

I'm shocked they sent Bianca home. Bianca is different, and Noelle and her dancing blend in with the rest of the girls. I would've sent Noelle home, but that's just me.

Staci said...

I would have put Channing into the go home pile. I was a little upset about Bianca, I would have liked to see her do hip hop.

Jakob and Russel are my new favorites, in the absence of Billy. Ashleighhhehigh rubs me the wrong way. She did great in the waltz though. I agree about Mollie. Cute but a bit annoying as well.

I too, thought the Fear dance was a similar theme to the addiction dance, but it was still really great for me. I really like Kathryn as a dancer and Legacy did fabulously.

The Wade peice wasn't my favorite. I wanted to see some partner work, they didn't touch pretty much the entire time.

Can't wait for normal TV this week. FOX is my number one station this year. Its embarrasing, Glee, SYTYCD, Lie to Me, House...

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