Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 16 Performance/Results

I realize I'm days late and dollars short in posting this blog, and I've tried to watch SYTYCD without writing, and I just can't do it. I had determined that I really don't have time to blog about the show, but I just can't help it. I will strive to write the blogs on the nights the shows air, but I can't promise anything...

How's that for commitment to excellence in SYTYCD blogging? *grin*
Performance Show:

Fancy, severe hair and dress from Cat this evening. Not sure yet how I feel about it.

Karyn & Kevin - Hustle
I really like the two of them. Karyn is one of my favorites. Don't know much about the hustle, but they seem to be doing a good job.

Ashleigh & Jakob - Jazz
Mandy Moore is awesome. This dance was right up there with the Neil and Sabra table dance for me. Very, very cool. And I loved seeing the BYU carillon in Ashleigh's graduation picture

Peter & Pauline - Quickstep
I really think the only reason that wasn't a complete hot mess was because of that little story they added on. It was adorable performance wise, but from what I could see, their technical dancing was awful.

Aside - Are the dances longer this season? I feel like they might be. I have no proof. They just feel longer. Not necessarily in a bad way.

Kathryn & Legacy - Broadway
Excellent. A new choreographer. I really like Andy B. He's a great choreographer. Cute routine too.

Another aside - I'm loving seeing the Season 5 kids behind the choreographers tonight. I loved that live tour show so much this season.

Channing & Victor - Contemporary
That was pretty powerful. I love Stacey Tookey so far. I liked the routine more than the judges did, I think.

Ellenore & Ryan - Hip Hop
Lil C. I love Lil C. The only downside (and it's a small downside) to Adam being here every week is that we don't get Lil C to judge this season. Ryan seems to be doing well with this. I'm kind of surprised that he seems to have picked up the style. I don't love the choreography or music. It seems like a difficult song to get inside the pocket and really move. (Yes, Dana, that was for you. *grin*)

Dear Mary,
That was an awkward Hot Tamale announcement/scream for Ellenore. Let's step up our judging game, shall we?

Mollee & Nathan - Salsa
I would hate to have to do this dance with Janette in the audience. Janette would have completely killed that dance. They were awful, from what I can tell. Judges agree. That was really one of the worst performances I've seen in a while.

Noelle & Russell - Afro Jazz
First, I love this music. I have one of these Mickey Hart/Planet Drum CDs and I just love it. One of my favorite dances tonight. (Other favorite - Jakob & Ashleigh) Russell was fantastic. Those back walkovers were awesome. Great routine.

Cat's outfit and hair grew on me about halfway through the show. I knew you were wondering.


Results Show:

Group Dance - Warrior Dance
Interesting. Not my favorite. Some cool moments, but overall, not loving it. Dave Scott is hit or miss for me.

Cat, you're so pretty. I love that dress. Legs for miles. Good grief.

Bottom 3 Couples:
Ellenore & Ryan
Peter & Pauline
Karyn & Kevin

Hello, Dominic!

Nathan and Mollee should have been in the bottom. They were awful. Ah, the power of the 15 year old girl...I feel sorry for Nathan getting raked over the coals for Nigel's point, but the point needed to be made.

Alvin Ailey Dance. So amazing. I love to stand outside their studios in Midtown Manhattan and just watch the beautiful people dance. It's such a great space. Floor to ceiling windows on every floor so you can watch from outside. That was a fantastic piece.

Ellenore - She's such a creative dancer. I really liked that.
Ryan - He almost missed that tumbling run. Holy cow. That was pretty good for a ballroom solo until he nearly face planted.
Pauline - That was cute. Holy crap, she's tiny. She could fit in my pocket.
Peter - Acappella tap solo. Interesting. He's a good tapper though.
Karen - Awesome. And I really detest the ballroom solos. She's fabulous.
Kevin - That lay down on the floor was sick. Very, very cool. I'm sad they were in the bottom, but I loved both of their solos.

Nigel is a cranky old man tonight. Good gravy.

Pauline & Peter are going home. That's the right decision. I like them both, but I think they were the weakest two.

I know I say this a lot, but I just adore Cat.

I'm done now.

Except...wasn't Glee awesome this week? Loved it. I laughed, I cried a couple times. Excellent episode.

Okay. Now I'm done.


Dana said...

Yes, it is hard to find the pocket to dance in.

Ryan is "meh" (to quote you) to me.

I love Ellanore. and Jakob. and Karyn though I almost feel guilty watching her.

My heart goes out to cute Nathan who is also a talented dancer who was just trying to get the crowd votes with his comment. Guess he should have gone with a sympathy comment instead.

No one can every do a salsa or a disco without me thinking of Jeanette.

I still say season 5 is better.

Molly said...

That whole night was meh, with the exception of the cane dance (Jakob's awesome) and the frog dance (I heart Russell). Everything else was bad, bad, bad. And yes, the dances seem longer, but not in a good way.

J's 2 cents: He thought that Mollee and Nathan's dance looked like a high school assembly when two popular kids are up there trying to act like they can dance.

Staci said...

Am I the only one who thinks Ashleigh is not great? I can't believe how much the judges love her. I thought the cane dance used Jakob (who i LOVE) but Ash did ? No turns, no leaps. I thought the table dance was way better. Granted, her shoes made it impossible, but still, in my mind, Jakob is gonna carry her farther than she should go. I was a bit ticked M and N weren't in bottom. They were awful beyond words. I think Channing is next on my list as well. Not a fan. She's too bulky. Not her size, but her movement. She doesn't do it for me. I really loved Russel usual, and I think Kevin and Karen were great though I really hated the hustle. It's like a slow disco and I don't need any more of that stuff than we already have. Glad you're still posting. I need a forum to get this stuff off my chest. :)

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