Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SYTYCD Top 12 Performance & Results Shows

Performance Show:
Ummm....Cat's shoes are weird.

Some brief notes since I watched the show tonight instead of last night:
Ashleigh & Jakob - LOVED both numbers. The jazz routine was great, and I really loved the cha cha.
Karen & Victor - Their hip hop was awful. We need to maybe not have Laurie Ann Gibson choreograph anymore...The tango was pretty good.
Legacy & Kathryn - I really liked their jazz routine. Very cool choreography, and they danced it so well. I didn't love the waltz. I loved Kathryn in the waltz, but Legacy struggled. Since he cried, I'm sure they got lots of votes.
Molly & Nathan - The hip hop was kind of ill conceived and not danced well. And can-can? Seriously? Didn't love it.
Noelle & Russell - I liked the contemporary routine, though I was a little distracted by Diana Krall's man-voice. Emily was highly disturbed by the samba. Especially the ending. I swear they missed a step.
Ellenore & Ryan - I really liked both of their routines as well. I thought that Lindy hop was so, so cute, and this is one of the first Broadway pieces where I liked the choreography and the performance. This new choreographer is great.

Results Show:
Cat's outfit & hair - love the dress and hair, a bit heavy on the eye makeup.

Group Dance -
This has GOT to be a Sonya dance. Has to be. It's just too bizarre. Okay. Wrong again. Tabitha & Napoleon? Wow.

Emily when she saw Mary's dress: "Her dress looks like Ella's (my 10 week old niece) poop."

Bottom 3 Couples:
Victor & Karen
Molly & Nathan
Ryan & Ellenore (What?! That one surprises me.)

Ballerina - beautiful, beautiful work

Karen - I'm not sure about it. Lots of hair flipping.
Victor - He's very angry. I don't love him. Technically great, but I don't love him.
Mollee - Nope. Too frantic. Too much tumbling.
Nathan - Cool spin on the floor.
Ellenore - I really like her. I think she's my favorite girl right now.
Ryan - Not a fan of the shirt. And we universally hate ballroom solos.

Not watching Shakira, but as I'm fast forwarding, I feel like she's channeling (copying) Beyonce right now.

Karen is going home. I think that is a great choice, actually. I might have sent Mollee home because I really hated her solo.

And Victor. Kind of surprised at that one. I thought they were going to send Ryan home for a minute. And I really think they've given Nathan too many chances.

Top 10!
Jakob, Ashleigh, Legacy, Kathryn, Noelle, Russell, Ryan, Nathan, Mollee, and Ellenore


Sayaka said...

ugh they should have sent mollee home. karen is way better. ellenore is my favorite girl too :)

Staci said...

Disagree: Mollee bugs me a tad, and while she needed to calm down during her solo, def frantic, she had some great moments, like, really creative moments. Karen can't do half what she can, even though I like her slightly better. I think Mollee should be in top 10.

Agree: Victor rubs me all the wrong ways. I was not sorry to see him go. He should have been docked for his shorts alone.

Agree: Ryan has been brilliant and I really really hate men in heels. I don't think it ever sits well with me. Ever.

Disagree: I thought the hip hop number last night was great. I loved it. I thought Nathan was hard hitting and did fabulous. I am a big fan. He's not the most exciting person in the world, but he is positive and really dances beautifully.

Agree: the Russel/Noel Samba made me want to barf a little. Her bachacatas were the worst I've seen on the show. I generally like her but hoo-wie that was awful.

Disagree: I thought the can-can was really fun and they did it better than anyone else. I didnt have to look away, like, remember that russian-folk number with Jeanine and Phillip last season? So bad we wanted to stab eyes out? This was fun.

Agree: This was the first broadway number I've liked in ages.

I loved the painty piece but so far it was the most intimate/sexual piece and I was almost uncomfortable with it, they were selling it so well.

Agree: Shakira looked awful and like a Beyonce wanna be.

Me: Totally satisfied with the top 10.

Staci said...

i'm an idiot. it's batucada. i just looked it up. sorry. i ain't a ballroom girl.

Aaron H. said...

watching M & N dance is like watching middle schoolers as compared to A & J, and others. i would rather go blind from the glare off Nigel's awful teeth then watch M & N dance anymore.

Molly said...

I'm glad Ryan made it through, but can we say Chippendale? Watch it again if it's still on the Tivo. When he got done J and I were giggling because it reminded us of the Patrick Swayze/Chris Farley SNL number. LOVED both his dances from Tuesday though.

I think they kept Mollee & Nathan because Karen & Victor clearly haven't been crowd favorites and they're thinking about the tour.

Stephanie said...

I love Kathryn. She reminds me of Katy from two season ago - graceful and makes everything look effortless.

I knew Ashleigh and Ryan in college - they are both so wonderful! And genuinely as nice in real life as they seem on the show. I'm so glad they both made it on the tour and hope they go farther in the competition.

Emily said...

As always, it was so fun to watch it with you Macy!!!

Dana said...

Man, i should always wait a long time to watch the show just so I can read everyone's feedback - not only are you funny you have funny friends! Or maybe only really cool, funny people watch this show.

Anyway, I agree and disagree but overall LOVED the show. It was one of those really good (for the most part) shows where everyone was fighting for the next step. Ashleigh should have been put on the hot tamale train except for her self tan. Mary was quite subdued - even down to her ensemble. I would have like to see Mollee go but agree she'll be a better pull on tour.

Can we please go to LA and see the finale? Have your husband talk to my husband. I feel it a must.

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