Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Wednesday! night of TV, EVER.

No SYTYCD recap. I typically don't recap the audition shows. I don't like getting emotionally attached to people who are going to get cut in Vegas. As such, I don't start full recaps until the first top 20 show.


Adam Shankman is my favorite.

Mollee Gray was great - complete with her Utah spelling of her first name. Go Utah!

I knew Bianca would be back. I love Ryan. Loved the tap trading. Such cool stuff.

Lots of great people coming from the L.A. audition. Great city to start with.

And Glee...

"Golddigger" was awesome. Still have a crush on Matthew Morrison. Going to break out my Hairspray and Light in the Piazza soundtracks this week. The principal and the cheer advisor crack me up. I'm not comfortable with the Will/Emma/Will's wife storyline right now.

And the school assembly performance choreography!?! Yeeeikes!

Best Quote:
That was the most offensive thing I have seen in 20 years of education, and that includes an elementary school production of "Hair."

Not a fan of Will's wife.

Loved the sequence with Rachel singing "Take a Bow." Girl's got pipes. I like the way the music is weaving in with the storyline.


Stacie said...

I gotta be honest, in some ways Glee was a let down for me :( because I thought a few parts were downright trashy. So here's to hoping that they recover and were just trying to shock us with the first episode? Because the parts that are good are so crazy good!

Staci said...

I think I have issues. Yes, there were some trashy moments and my psyche swept them under the rug. I haven't been this excited for the next episode of a show almost ever. My kids and I have been dancing to Gold Digger ALL DAY. Here's to being jaded!

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