Friday, August 14, 2009

Heroes and Teachers

* This post is a duplicate of today's post on my photography blog.*

I must share this. Must.

Zack Arias is a photographer in Atlanta. I love his work. He's one of my photographic heroes. He's creative, has great vision, and he is able to teach the technical side of photography - particularly lighting - in a very clear way. Along with my admiration for his photographic skill and teaching ability, I've always admired how straightforward and honest he is.

Then, a few months ago, he did a guest post on Scott Kelby's blog. Instead of writing a blog, he made a video called Transform. It's amazing. There's a lot of photography stuff there, but a lot of great lessons. Especially if you take the word "photographer" and replace it with who you are or what you might be insecure about. Take 10 minutes and watch it here:

Original blog post -

Why do I think the video is amazing? Because Zack was so honest. He totally put himself out there. All his insecurities. All his fears. People really related. So much so, that six months later, Zack's guest post is still the most popular blog entry on Scott Kelby's site. Zack has received hundreds of comments - both on his blog and on Scott's - and has received countless e-mails and phone calls about this video. By being honest, by putting himself out there, he has helped a lot of people.

He did it again.

On his blog yesterday, Zack posted an e-mail he received from a fellow photographer, "B", in response to Transform. Zack also responded in his characteristic way. The blog post sparked an amazing number of comments. All people sharing their insecurities and fears. All drawing strength from each other. It was amazing to watch Zack's twitter feed during the day as he posted quotes from some of the comments he was receiving.

Here's the blog post -

And then today, another video. Amazing. Again, as you watch, let it apply to you and whatever you might be struggling with.

Heroes and teachers are everywhere. I don't know Derrick, but I really want to buy some soap from him. And I so appreciate the perspective that he has and the perspective I gained from listening to him. I don't know Zack, but I have found it amazing to watch the positive transformation he has had on the industry. And on me. And I'm grateful.

Thank you, Zack and Meghan. I hope one day to thank you in person.


Staci said...

i love the quote from the second blog post about diving in over one's head and swimming for the top. that resonates with me. i know i suck. i hate almost every photo i take. i see everything wrong with them. i feel like a surfer seeking the ever elusive perfect wave. thanks for sharing. it is good to know we aren't alone. i really want to create something special and give it to people.

Staci said...

ok, just got a chance to watch the second vid. I love Derrik. I wanna buy his soap too. What a teacher. What a spirit.

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