Thursday, July 23, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 8 Results Show + 100th Episode

Dear Cat - I love your fun, sassy hair! I have no opinion on your dress because I can't yet see it clearly. Okay. I like it. Sassy leopard/tiger print. Cute.

Opening Number - "One" from A Chorus Line
Cracked mirrors. White suits. Red carpet. Weird funhouse vibe and twist on the original choreography. I LOVE IT. Stooopid cameras! Show us the whole stage!

Look at all the former dancers from prior seasons! Awww....I love it. So cute.

Highlight reel from the last 4 seasons! This is going to make me happy. I have watched this show from Day 1 and loved every second. You should know that I am YELLING dancers' names as I see them. I'm also screaming "I love her!" and "I love him!" Wow. Look how much Mary's hair/face/look has changed.

Highlight reel from last night! Ellen was hilarious. Great to see highlights from Melissa & Ade's piece again. It really was so beautiful.

Girls Results:
She switched up the order! What?!
Kayla the bottom 2.
Jeanine! Woo hoo!
Janette is in the bottom 2. Super Kimmie totally called it.

Season 3 Flashback - Jamie and Hok are performing the Hummingbird and the Flower by Wade Robson. Molly and Kimmie haven't seen this dance, so it's kind of fun to watch it with them. They loved it, as they should. What a beautiful dance! So glad they did this one again.

Guys Results:
Ade is...waiting to hear about Jason.
Cat is going all Seacrest on us tonight! What is up with the switching the order around and changing her usual pattern?
And Jason is in the bottom 2. Bummer. I thought Jason had a better night overall than Ade.
It's down to Evan and Brandon. And Brandon is in the bottom 2. Wow. So it's Jason or Brandon. I sure hope it's Jason at this point.

Season 2 Flashback - Heidi and Travis perform The Bench by Mia Michaels. This dance kills me. And they're so much better than they were 3 years ago. That was amazing. I'm a little teary.

Solos - The bottom two guys and bottom two girls are doing their solos from last night. I hope it's Kayla. And I actually loved everything she did last night. I'll be so sad if it's Janette. Jason's solo is still lame and way too fast. Now that Janette is doing her solo, I realize that I kind of hated it. Especially compared to Kayla's. Brandon's solo was completely AMAZING and he shouldn't have been in the bottom 2.

It's time for RAMALAMA!! I couldn't love this number more if I tried. And I love that Wade is dancing. That was great. Except for the CAMERAS. Scroll down to my link from last night and watch the original routine if you want to see the camera work that Wade designed for the number.

Time for Katie Holmes. Not sure how this is going to go. Could be an absolute train wreck. She does have musical theater training - she did a lot of musicals in high school - but high school was a long time ago. Hold your breath...Wow - she is pretty. I adore that suit. Not a bad singing voice. Not much dancing from her. Very reminiscent of "Roxy Hart" from Chicago - lots of great boys dancing around her, but not much from her. That was...meh. Huge risk for her. She didn't totally embarrass herself, but it was a bit of a non-event for me.

Girls Results:
Janette is going home?!?!?!? NO!!!! Holy cow. Not cool. NOT COOL. She just got Daughtryed. (I can explain that verb to you later if you don't watch American Idol.) People must have thought she was safe because of Mia's huge compliments last night. She's been in so many great routines this season. That's crappy. Kayla looks shocked. She should. Your days are numbered, dear.

Guys Results:
Whew. It's Jason. We were all holding our breath on that one. I mean, I like Jason a lot and he's really improved since the partner switch. From a skill level and based on last night, it probably should have been Evan. Evan got a lot of sympathy votes last night when Nigel was picking on his looks. I'd rather go out on a good night than go out like Randi on a crummy routine.

Dear Nigel -
When we hit 200 episodes, you MUST make this a two hour show. MUST. And no more Katie Holmes.

What do you think? Were you shocked?

I need to go to bed. Got to get up early and buy pre-sale tickets for the SYTYCD tour!!!


Jeanne said...

I couldn't wait to read your comments for tonight. Loved the show! Those were the exact three routines that I would have picked, definitely the most memorable ones for me. All three were amazing! And Katie Holmes...wasn't terrible but not all that impressive either. I would so much rather have seen other standout routines from the last 4 seasons than that. I would have loved to have seen Nick Lazzarini on tonight. He's still my favorite.

Macy said...

A true fan! Nick Lazzarini was wonderful. It's interesting - I loved Nick and Melody, but I really can't think of a specific routine that I loved from the first season. I have a vague memory of a Broadway routine that Melody was in that I liked, but that's about it. Season 2 seems to be the one that most people watched and that most people think was the first season.

Stephanie said...

I'm so sad Janette went home too. She's my favorite and I totally agree, she got Daughtry'd.

Aaron H. said...

Evan staying in the competition is killing his brother's hopes for next season. His brother will almost certainly make the top 20, but will face a quick exit because Evan continues to advance and upset those of us who think other male dancers he has outlasted, had more skill. He's a one-trick pony who can't express any facial emotions during other routines.

And as for Janette, I am disappointed. But if I'm being honest, these top 4 girls are all great. Melissa is a little too balarina-y for me. But otherwise, they all adapt well to whatever they're given.

Where was BENJI?

Macy said...

Stephanie - I like the way you spelled Daughtry'd. Much better than my spelling.

Aaron - you are absolutely right about Evan's brother, though Benji's sister was on the season right after he won and did quite well. If given a chance, Evan's brother might do well. It will be interesting to see.

I was also sad to see any girls go. And if I'm objective, Kayla's routines were better. I just like Janette SO MUCH MORE.

Aaron H. said...

PS. Why do I think that Katie H's whole performance was not live?

Whitney Johnson said...

Jason should have gone home. Absolutely. Missed Benji. Will miss Jeannette, but who else was going to to go? She should go on Dancing with the Stars... perfect venue for her, assuming she can choreograph.

Macy said...

Benji was there. He danced in "Ramalama."

None of Katie Holmes' performance was live. They taped it three weeks ago.

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