Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 8 Performance Show

TOP 8! Holy cow!

Cat is wearing a lovely gold wrap halter thing with a slicked back ponytail. Lovely.

I love that Ellen DeGeneres is a judge tonight. She's been such a huge fan of the show. Mia is on the panel too. And we have Dr. Nigel Lithgoe. Mary - "crazy off the chain" is not a phrase you are allowed to use. Cat is fabulous. Did you catch her quote - "Ask Ellen - she's street."

Group Number - ("Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolf f./Lil Wayne)
Travis Wall choreographed a group number for the top 8. Weird black and outfits with lights. I didn't particularly love it. It was fine, but nothing like last week. Brandon's turn in the air was amazing.

I'm pretty sure I couldn't be more excited about the show tomorrow night. Wade Robson dancing in "Ramalama"? Are you kidding? AWESOME!!

Janette & Evan - Contemporary? Jazz? ("Move" by CSS - Sonja Tateh choreography)
Janette is amazing. She's just an outstanding performer. Evan did a better job in this number than he has in past weeks. I'm not sure how much I loved the number, but I tend not to love Sonja's pieces on first viewing. There were some great lifts. Mary just barked at Nigel. That was hilarious. I think Mary's starting to plan her jokes. They aren't as funny when she's not crazy and spontaneous. I'm not sure the weird mumu and necklace thing is working for Mia. Though apparently, she wants to chew on Evan's cheeks. Janette is Mia's favorite. And I think she responded appropriately on hearing that news.

Kayla - I think that's the best solo I've seen from her. I wasn't at all irritated and didn't feel like she had too many leaps and extensions. 1-888-TEMPO-01

Brandon & Jeanine - Waltz ("May It Be" by Hayley Westrena - Hunter Johnson choreography)
There were some pretty moments there. I was kind of entranced watching Jeanine's face. I didn't even type as they were dancing. I'm enjoying listening to Mary laugh at Ellen as much as I'm enjoying Ellen's stories. "...could have went better..."?! Really, Mary?

Jason - He moves SO MUCH. Oh, there he stopped in the middle of the stage. Now there he goes again. Leap, run, spin, leap run, leap. He makes me tired. 1-888-TEMPO-02

Ade & Melissa - Cha Cha ("Yeah" by some people that are singing in Spanish - Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin choreography)
Those costume designers love when Melissa draws ballroom. They can use up all their fabric scraps and she looks good in them. That bend-over-lift-pose thing at the end was surprising and...interesting. They felt too tall in parts of that dance. It seems like they needed more hip movement or something. Nigel likes it, Ellen makes a carpenter joke, Mary is very specific about their technique and I appreciate her putting words to what was bugging me

Janette - a ballroom/contemporary hybrid solo from Janette. Not sure about the choreography, but she just had a glorious leap. Holy crap! She is short. She barely comes to Cat's shoulder. 1-888-TEMPO-03

Jason & Kayla - Broadway ("Mr. Monotony" from Jerome Robbins Broaway - Tyce Diorio choreography)
Tyce - are you making up another story that doesn't match the music you're using? Wow! I liked a piece that Tyce choreographed? And that Kayla danced in? What is happening? Jason did look like Gene Kelly in that part around the stool. Cat is funnier than Ellen? - "Your report card says, good - must try harder." Mary has a train whistle. She's not going to be able to top herself. Mia wants to crush Jason's chest? She's a violent one tonight. Lovely gushing words for Kayla from Mia. I'm not sure about the Tony after Tony after Tony compliment, but I could be wrong.

Ade - Thank you for wearing a shirt. Lots of movement again, but it seems to fit the music better than his solos usually do. That leap was cool. 1-888-TEMPO-04

Janette & Evan - Rhumba ("Heartless" by Kris Allen Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin choreography)
YES!!! I love this song. Wow. Great choreography. It looked like Evan almost fell a couple times, but he really did a pretty good job. Janette was amazing. Nigel tells Evan he has heavy eyelids. Ellen loves his eyes and thinks it is great that he has a unique face in a town where everyone starts looking the same because they're going to the same doctor. :) Hilarious. The "thread the needle" part that Mary mentioned was one of my favorite parts of the dance. Very, very cool. Double negative!! "She can't help it, no she can't!" Love that it turned into a fight with Ellen. That was great. Mia loves Evan's face too. And so do I.

Melissa - Better pointe choreography for her. That plie where she went clear to the floor and kind of rolled over her toes was cool. I liked that. 1-888-TEMPO-05

Brandon & Jeanine - Pop Jazz ("Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks - LaurieAnn Gibson choreography)
This choreographer was on "Making the Band" on MTV. She's MEAN. She's a great choreographer, but I've seen her make lots of people cry. Our second AI artist tonight. That was a fantastic routine. And they danced it so well. I mean, they da-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-nced it so well. Thanks, Ellen. I'm glad Mia was nice to Brandon. It really was great. My favorite tonight.

Evan - His solos make me smile. I just love them. I know they're similar every week, but I love them. The split leap was great. 1-888-TEMPO-06.

Jeanine - She's so musical. I really love her solos. She needs to choreograph. That was very cool. 1-888-TEMPO-07.

Melissa & Ade - Contemporary ("This Woman's Work" by Maxwell - Tyce Diorio choreography)
This piece is about breast cancer. That was really beautiful. Great piece. Wow. Everyone is crying. With good reason, I think. That was fabulous choreography, story, and it was danced so well.

Brandon - I love the band he's dancing to. They're fabulous. That was a great solo. Very fun, very peppy. Loved it. 1-888-TEMPO-08.

Kayla & Jason - Hip Hop ("They're Everywhere" by Izza Kizza - Shane Sparks choreography)
I'm glad they had a solo to buffer between that beautiful contemporary routine and a hip hop routine from Shane Sparks. Not that there is anything wrong with Shane Sparks, but they should have finished the show with Melissa & Ade. That makeup thing was cool that Kayla did at the beginning. That was a really fun routine. Loved the little jive thing Jason did after he broke Kayla's legs in the dance. One of my favorite hip hop routines of the season. Nigel feels the same. Mia loves the strangling at the end. She's a tad violent, I think.

Kayla was great tonight.
So was Jason in the couple numbers. That crazy solo may hurt him.
Janette is amazing.
Ade could be hurt with the cha cha, but Tyce's dance will save him. Same with Melissa.
Evan could be in trouble.
Jeanine is amazing too. The solo was great and the battlefield dance will eclipse the waltz.
Ditto for Brandon.

Wow. My prediction? Evan and...? I really don't know with the girls. They were all great. Maybe Kayla or Melissa since they've been in the bottom 3 and don't have the votes? What do you guys think? I have no idea.

I do know I'm super excited for tomorrow's show!


Staci said...

loved tonight. i just watched last weeks AND tonights way past bedtime. confession: i am strangely attracted to ade, not because i think he's the best. just because he's freaking gorgeous to me. last week the african number i totally bought it and couldn't keep me eyes off of him. shhh. i am tired. i can't add anything insightful except that i am going to be so sad as the ladies leave us, because i don't have a favorite. i agree about jeanine doing choreography, she's very creative. also, i like when Mary gives technique feedback. it makes her seem smarter and reminds me why she's relevant. LOVED the hip hop from shane. can't wait for tomorrow!

Molly said...

Crap. I just realized I didn't vote! Now I'm going to be mad if Jeanine goes home because I didn't vote for her. I think Evan might be done, even though I love him I think he's gone as far as he can. Jason has been so much better since Caitlin left. I didn't realize it before, but she was dragging him down a LOT. All 4 of his couple numbers have been great. I thought Kayla was really good last night too. Weird.

Molly said...

BTW, is it just me or does this season not seem as strong as last season? At this point last year there'd been lots of memorable ones, but not so much this year. I remember saying "Wow, Loved it!" at the end of routines a lot last year and I think the only times I've done it this year was with Jeanette & Brandon's Wade Robson routine and Evan & Randi's butt routine.

Stacie said...

I LOVED Ellen, can she always be on the panel? That was fun. I also think Evan is in trouble. I have always loved him, but I think this is it for him. I honestly can't figure out which girl might go home because they are all sooo good. Jeanine has been my favorite girl so I really hope it's not her, but I think it's probably Melissa or Kayla. LOVED the broadway routine, the Pop Jazz one, the last hip hop, and the cancer one. And I CANNOT WAIT for tonight! It's gonna be a good show!

I said the same thing about Mary's "could have went better" so I laughed when it was in your post!

And to Molly- I just had a conversation WORD FOR WORD with Joann last week about the lack of memorable dances this season. We specifically mentioned the butt routine as one of the only ones. So we're with ya!

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