Thursday, July 9, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 12 Results Show

Group Number - Very cool choreography. Military costumes, they're kind of doing this rock/hip hop fusion thing. Love the way they used the whole stage. And I didn't want to smack the cameramen quite so much. Tabitha and Napoleon did the choreography. Very cool number.

Cat has a fabulous dress!! Fabulous hair! Kind of mod 60s look going. Legs for miles.

Last night for the judges cuts. I think it's all votes from here on in. I can never remember. And it's Nigel's birthday. Fabulous Cat quote - "Mary looks surprised about that." Highlarious.

I'm SO bummed they didn't get clearance for the Michael Jackson show. Nigel was talking about that on Twitter and I thought it sounded like a fabulous idea. Silly clearance people. Tyce - I'm over the Brooklyn toughness with the accent. You can't pull that off, sweetie.

First two couples on the stage are Caitlin & Jason and Janette & Brandon. Fun to see the review of the dances last night. Especially Janette & Brandon. Caitlin & Jason are in the bottom 3.

Now we have Randi & Evan and Phillip & Jeanine on the stage. Did we have to show Phillip's totally crappy barrel rolls again? That was awful. He just wasn't into the floor at all. That jive was adorable though. I just love Jeanine. I hope a girl wins this year. Jeanine's outfit for her solo?! Yeeikes! Randi & Evan are in the top 10!! Woot! Nigel is talking about how the judges know on Thursday morning who is in the bottom 3 and that they take their entire body of work on the show into consideration when making cuts. Interesting to hear that they have already decided who they should keep in the competition, but that the solo can change their minds. Not sure how I feel about that.

Melissa & Ade and Kayla & Kupono are on the stage for the final grouping. Oh, that addiction dance kills me. It's been all over Facebook today. Kayla & Kupono are in the top 10 and Melissa & Ade are in the bottom 3. Bummer. I'm surprised, but I'm not. Mia's dance was just so moving and they danced it so well. I'm sure they got a lot of votes. Randi & Evan have a huge voting block. Janette & Brandon were flawless last night. Melissa & Ade were good, but they really needed to be great last night. I'm super excited to see their solos. And I think this pretty much guarantees Caitlin and Jason are going home unless something completely crazy happens.

We get to see footage from this fall. That bow tie kid is amazing. Interesting that the tour is going to be going on while the fall season is airing.

Caitlin - That did nothing for me. I like the music she picks though. She looked nervous and kind of phoned it in.
Jason - Going for the shirtless thing again. He keeps coming up with these frantic solos and they keep telling him to knock it off. That was crazy to watch.
Jeanine - Much better solo. More musical. Better choreography. Still hate her dress.
Phillip - This dude is crazy amazing. I can understand why he has such a hard time picking up on some of the styles though. His movement is so based in isolations.
Melissa - She's cute. I really like her. That was a good solo. I liked that side split thing she did to the floor.
Ade - COOL music. That flip was sick. You go, dude. Glad he got a standing ovation from the audience. That was ridiculous. And I'm glad he took his pick out of his hair.

Love that Cat just looked at the judges and said, "You are in trouble!" Cute.

Someone is mixing at a table with Kelly Rowland singing. I'm just glad we have live singing. I like Kelly Rowland. But I don't like this song.

They're unanimous for the girls. And it's Caitlin. She's a doll, but Nigel is right in saying that they need stars at this point. And she hasn't been one - a great dancer, but not a star. If she'd had the energy from the Bollywood routine every week, she might have done better results wise.

They're also unanimous for the guys. And it's Phillip. WOW. I'm surprised. And interesting how Nigel made sure we all know that Phillip will be on the tour. In a way, it's probably a good idea to send him home. Jeanine is strong enough that his lack of technical skill wasn't a problem for her. She managed to shine through his partnering. He might really drag another dancer down next week. That happened to Kherington last summer. That, and they drew a lame two-step dance. Very sweet speech from Phillip at the end. He's definitely an inspiration.

Wow. Excellent top 10. Do you guys agree with the results?


Staci said...

So, I will admit I think Randi and Evan are weaker dancers than Jason and Caitlyn. But Caitlyn hasn't been shining as much as she could. I think mormons just vote for Randi and Evan because she's mormon. She's great but I don't like popularity contests. I am glad Phillip is gone. His best is probably better than Jason's or Kupono's best, but they are both better well rounded dancers. That addiction dance kept Kupono alive. Had he been in the bottom three he'd be out of here. Pure luck buddy boy. I felt ok about that. I wasn't mad. I think it's great that Caitlyn and Phillip will be on tour. Ade's solo blew me away. I was losing hope about him, noticing his mistakes more. But that was awesome.

Molly said...

I was surprised the they let Phillip go because he's had such a following, but J totally called it. Caitlin was definitely the weakest dancer of the 3 girls, I think, and she knew she was gone. I'm glad she and Phillip get to go on tour though.
I'm sad they didn't get the ok to do the MJ tribute. That would have been cool! Oh well.

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