Thursday, June 11, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 20 Results

Excellent show last night. I feel badly for the judges tonight. I actually sent a message to Adam Shankman on Twitter earlier today telling him that I didn't envy them their job tonight. That's right. I sent a tweet to Adam. I know. We're tight.

Okay - here's the first group.
Max & Kayla are first. I'm sure they're safe. Evan & Randi's clip is shown. They're second in the group. Jeanine & Philip are out here too. I hope they're all safe. We're early enough in the show that all three of them could be safe.

Max & Kayla
Evan & Randi
Philip & Jeanine are safe too. I totally called it. Diggity gave me a half smile. I think he's a little impressed by my bold (and correct) prediction.

Second group -
Jason & Caitlin Go Bollywood!
Melissa & Ade Good. I was going to be angry on that one. Melissa's little toe shoe dance was cute.
Ashley & Kupono Tony & Paris should be in the bottom 3. And they are. Good job America.

Last group -
Two of these three couples are in the bottom 3.
Asuka & Vitolio are in the bottom 3. I agree. And I'm two for two so far.
Interesting, this last two. Both ballroom routines. Annie's hypothesis that the popular music wins might hold here. Nope. Jonathan & Karla are in the bottom three and Brandon & Jeannette are safe.

I'm three for three. I love it.

Special tango number. I'm glad they're doing this again this year where they expert dancers from around the world dancing in their style. Such a great showcase for the dancers and such a good thing for people to see. The music from Forever Tango is fabulous. That was a great routine.

Here are the solos:

Paris (dancing to "It Doesn't Hurt" by Katie Thompson! I love Katie! Go Katie!) She fell out of her pirouette at the beginning. Lovely steps, but her dancing wasn't as intense as the song. Just didn't match up.
Tony (dancing to "Early in the Morning" by The Gap Band) I don't find him to be very skilled or very interesting. He's here on personality and effort and that isn't going to cut it right now, I'm afraid.
Asuka (dancing to "Did Ya" by BoA) I hate ballroom solos. I also hate that I can see her ribs so well. Meh on the dancing.
Vitolio (dancing to "We Belong Together" by Gavin DeGraw) That opening jump was killer. Thanks for having some emotion. He's the first one to dance that I actually want to stay. Nice.
Karla (dancing to "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin) That was outstanding. That extension/bendy leg/extension thing was amazing.
Jonathan (dancing to "Krazy" by Pitbull feat. Lil Jon) Ummm...Nope. Made the girls scream with the gymnastics, but that was not good. Maybe I still hate ballroom solos, but I don't think he even planned that out before stepping on the stage.

Sean Kingston. Full disclosure - I am NOT a fan. Hate his chain. His dancers are lame. Trying to figure out what song he is sampling with the Jamaican beat. Never mind. Boo doop! "Glee" commercial. Okay. I laughed. It's over. Boo doop!

The jidges are back. Unanimous results for the girls. Carla is getting critiqued first. And she is safe. It's down to Paris and Asuka. Paris knows she's going home based on Nigel's speech about the types of dancers that are left. That was sad to watch her face as she listened to him.

Time for the guys. Also a unanimous decision. Vitolio is getting critiqued first. I'm sure he's safe. He had the best solo. He's warned about bringing his personality out in coming weeks, and he is safe. Jonathan is safe. It sounds like barely safe. Tony is going home. I completely agree. Their routine was the least interesting last night and neither he nor Paris did a good job on their solos.

Good week everyone. I love when we get it right. And I love the SYTYCD results shows. They go by so much faster than the AI results shows. See you next week!


Molly said...

I'm glad America got it right since I couldn't vote. I think Evan & Randi are adorable. That's all.

Emily said...

I too hate ballroom solos. They just look silly. I want to throw a brick at Asuka's head every time I see her. I haven' figured out why she bugs me though.

allenaim photography and design said...

yay for GLEE! :)

Miranda said...

I love that you tweeted Adam Shankman.

Do you think that Asuka bugs women because she doesn't play the 'coy' game?

And how fun was it that my 12 year-old texted me to ask if I wanted to know who had gotten voted off?

I love texting.

OH-- and wow, you've piqued my interest on Glee.

Whitney (though it says Miranda)

Kristi said...

Just wondering if "extension/bendy leg/extension thing" is the true technical term for what Karla did?! Just sayin'. Still love the play by play. If SYTYCD had a color commentator like sports do, I'd totally vote for you, Macy!

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