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SYTYCD - Top 18 Results

I'm interested to see our bottom three. This is what our friend Adam Shankman says:

FYI; I'm sick about tonight sytycd. I'm pretty sure I know the bottom three, and someone really good is goongvto have to go home... I'm so happy not to be there... Don't askk, because I won't respond smile

Sorry, but I couldn't change the spelling or punctuation. It's one of my favorite things about following his Twitter feed.

Opening Number:
I love this song. One of my favorites from Sir Stevie. I love the huge lights turning on. I love the face paint. I'm stoked and the dance hasn't even started yet. I want to punch the camera men right now. Mia's dances are so mathematical. I want to see the whole stage and all the formation changes. I like this dance. There is some kind of New Zealand Maori vs. business suit vibe going on. I heart Mia Michaels. That was great.

Cat is totally rocking a white suit tonight. Much better wardrobe choice than last night. Love the facial expressions package reacting to Lil' C's comments last night. That was hilarious. Also hilarious that he had a good attitude about being openly mocked.

First three couples are on the stage.
Ade & Melissa!
Phillip &!
Jason & Caitlin the bottom 3.

Here's our second group:
Brandon & Jeanette!
Jonathan & Karla!
Ashley & Kupono the bottom 3.

And I'm 2 for 2 with my picks. Woot!

Actually, I am 2 for 3 since I picked Phillip & Jeanine based on the tango being a technical hot mess. Poor judgement on my part. Since we're voting for America's FAVORITE dancer and Phillip has a huge fan base.

Evan's brother Ryan tried out for SYTYCD Season 6 in LA and made it straight through to Vegas. He's so cute. They totally saved him for ratings. Love that they surprised Evan onstage with the news. SO CUTE!

Here's our third group:
Evan & Randi...Man, they are short. If the two of them make it to the top 10 and have to start switching partners, they could have huge problems...oh, and they're safe.
Vitolio & Asuka What?!? Tiny bit surprised between the two couples that are left.
Kayla & Max the bottom 3.

Okay. This sucks for the girls. They're all great. I don't love any of these three boys, so I'm ambivilent about them. We had the opposite problem last year - I loved all the boys at this stage and didn't like the girls.

Our special dancer this week has a lovely name that I am not going to try and type. Can't tell if this is considered a Bollywood dance or not. Cat never told us. I like the little ankle bells, and that tiny foot stomping (don't know how else to describe it) section in the second half was so cool. That's some crazy rhythmic skill. Wow.

Caitlin (dancing to "If You Could Feel My Love" by Adele) I didn't know Adele recorded this song. Lovely recording. That was a decent solo. I appreciate her integrating her tricks into the dance instead of adding dance steps around her tumbling.
Jason (dancing to "Superman" by Robin Thicke) Interesting music choice. It's not very a rhythmic, melodic song. I liked the steps. Jason is clearly a powerful and great dancer.
Ashley (dancing to "By Your Side" by Coco Rosie) I've never heard this song. I liked this solo. Very creative and percussive movement to match the music. I hate that these girls are the bottom 3.
Kupono (dancing to "Many Moons" by Janell Monae) Nope. Just nope. I'm not feeling that for me for him for me. (Sorry. Sometimes I miss Randy.)
Kayla (dancing to "Walking on Air by Kerli) No way they are sending her home. That was a great solo. She really performed well.
Max (dancing to "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins) Again, nope. Didn't look like he planned that much.

Yuck. I'm glad I'm not deciding. Though, based on a process of elimination and the way the solos went tonight, I would say it's Kupono or Max for the guys and Ashley or Caitlin for the girls. They seem to really love Kupono and Caitlin, so it could be Max and Ashley. I would be surprised to see them get rid of Max this early since they are so short on ballroomers this season, but his solo was horrid.

While the judges deliberate, someone with the last name DeBarge is lipsyncing with a lot of backup dancers dressed in 80's clothes. I think I have heard this. It samples that "Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye" song in the chorus. Catchy summer song. I'm sure it will be a raging success all summer.

The judges are not unanimous on either decision tonight. Girls are first. They liked Caitlin. Ashley had Hollywood glamour but no substance. Kayla's solo was "too crowded" with movement. I can see that. And Ashley is going home. Girly hugs and tears center stage. Bummer. I like her.

Now, for the boys. Jason is told his solo is the strongest so far this season. Kupono is also told his solo lacks substance, but that he can take on a character well. Max is praised for his work ethic and it is acknowledged that ballroomers are at a disadvantage with solos. (Though the solo they showed him doing in Vegas in his farewell package is far more interesting than what he did tonight.)

So, it's goodbye to Ashley & Max. New couple next week - Kayla & Kupono will be paired up next week. That could be good. Man, these eliminations are going to be rough this year.

See you next week everyone!


Anonymous said...

I think Jason can win SYTYCD. I will be SICK if Phillip wins. Great at what he does but after that something about him just really irks me.

Molly said...

I'm surprised. I guess I'm not good at judging dancing, but I DO know bad lipsyncing when I see it. Bad, bad, bad.

Neal said...

Since I'm on the road, the only thing I can add is a piece of info. The vocalist is probably Kristinia DeBarge, daughter of one of the famous "DeBarge Family" from the 80s. She has a new single and is trying a career. Sounds like she didn't impress you ; )

Macy said...

I wondered if she was an offspring of the DeBarge family. No, she did not impress me. But, I'm rarely impressed with the SYTYCD musical offerings. I am impressed you spelled her first name correctly. I looked the song up on Wikipedia after I published to see if I was right about the sampled song in the chorus. You're a fountain of knowledge, honey.

Staci said...

i was fuming. FUMING. First of all, Andrew is sick of complaining about the camera work this year. I hate it. It makes it hard to see footwork, clean lines, and the lifts. It is ridiculous and I want to view it face on like the judges. I HATE the angel of looking up from the floor. It is ineffectual. GRRRRR. I am not happy with their decision about Kupono. I think Max danced his butt off last week, this week, and his solo impressed me big time, I thought it was great, though I would have like to see a jump in it, Andrew dug it. Even if I don't love jive. Kupono's was completely devoid of dance. Kayla's solo was spastic and I am glad the judges knocked her for it. ashley did NOT need to go home yet. I feel bad for her because she was awsome last night, her partner dragged her down and it might happen to Kayla in the future. Hmm, what else, oh yes, I think Kayla is great but they seem to see no wrong and I don't think she dances perfectly. Her samba leg work was really bizarre. Did no one else notice from that first week?? Anyway, I am feeling like I like more of the girls this year than the guys, which was opposite of last year. I also think Jonathan and Carla got more votes based on the song (which BTW they should have used the Kris Allen version, that original singer was grossly, distractingly out of tune for the first two minutes)than the dance. Jonathan is 8 years old and just not that strong a dancer. He should have gone home. I am mad. Will have to regain composure for next week. I am also embarassed at how long this comment is.

Yvonne said...

Embarrassed to not comment on any of the SYTYCD, sorry, don't watch. Just wanted to say LOVE THE NEW HEADER.

TR said...

Kupono will go home next week and with any luck, 1 one of the 2 that I don't like(Kayla or Melissa), will go home as well. They like Kayla an awful lot though. I am really not impressed with her.
I was hoping to see a solo from Phillip but glad he was not in danger.
Indifferent about the guys but with Max and Kupono gone(next week) it's a toss up.
Love all the girls. They are all talented.

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