Friday, April 24, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Fix it Friday #11

I had fun with this last week, so I'm back again. Here's the original picture everyone is working on:

Fix it Friday Original picture

I did some basic editing (all editing done in Photoshop CS3) first to get it to get it to this point:

Fix It Friday #11 - Basic Retouch

After rotating the picture, I took these steps:
1. Pro Retouch (Totally Rad Actions)
2. Used the patch tool to get rid of the tiny little white bumps that Pro Retouch can't take care of. (Not because Pro Retouch isn't AWESOME, but because the bumps were too big.)
3. the eyes (Sesame Ellis)
4. just a tiny kick (Sesame Ellis)
5. basic midtones bump (Sesame Ellis)
6. Cropped some of the blanket out.

Then, I had some fun with the picture.

Edit 1 - Blur the Edges:

Fix it Friday #11 - Blur Edges

1. Beer Goggles (Totally Rad Actions) with brush set at 50% Opacity and 59% Flow to bring back sharpness in face.

Edit 2 - Seventies:

Fix it Friday #11 - Seventies

1. Seventies from Pioneer Woman Action Set 2
2. Snap (MCP)

Edit 3 - Boost & Smooth:

Fix it Friday #11 - Boost & Smooth

1. Boost from Pioneer Woman Action Set 1
2. simple smoothing (Sesame Ellis)

Edit 4 - B&W

Fix it Friday #11-B&W

1. Desaturate image
2. Fix levels to increase blacks and lighten photo a bit
3. Bitchin B&W (Totally Rad Actions)
4. Boutwell Magic Glasses at 30% (Totally Rad Actions)

And finally, Edit 5 - Cinnamon Toast

Fix It Friday #11 - Cinnamon Toast

Took B&W photo and added Cinnamon Toast (Totally Rad Actions) at 50%

If I'd had more time, I would have loved to make a birth announcement or something like that. If you have time, let me know which edit you like best in the comments, then go check out the other edits for ideas and inspiration at I ♥ Faces


Melissa said...

Oh, i like the final tint color. It looks great!

*sara* said...

I like the blurred edges of #1 and the color of #5. Great job!

Caroline said...

1 & 5 are my faves too. The cinnamon is lovely :D

Bethany Haile Photography said...

Ah, the seventies action!!! One of my favorites! :) You just can't go wrong with it! I love your edits! I can never just post 1 edit either.... too funny!

Emily said...

I like the last one best. The blury edges are pretty cool too.

drewmark19 said...

I love how nice you made the skin. The cinnamon is my favorite. I've never seen that action before. Very nice!

Mommy Project said...

I think I like edit #3 the best. I really like the colors. So cute.

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