Thursday, April 2, 2009

American Idol - Top 9 Results Show

Excruciating lead in until we get to the Ford commercial. Cool commercial, though I don't recognize the song. Very fun commercial.

The Top 9 are going to sing live tonight! Scott's on keyboard! Never mind, they aren't singing live. They are just rotten at lip syncing - Adam and Danny excluded. They were doing a poor job before Scott joined in, but when he started "singing" his mouth was a good 8 inches from the microphone attached to his keyboard. And the microphone was turned a different direction. That's obviously not his fault that the microphone was placed incorrectly. The problem was that you could hear his voice coming through the speakers because they were lip syncing. I figured Randy would jump in there and start playing bass. He played with Journey, you know.

Behind the scenes of American Idol! Matt singing like Danny was hilarious. Danny's impression of Matt was better. I love the love between them all! They need to live in the same house every year!

Ooooohh!!! Groups! Ryan loves this! It's his favorite method of torture.
Megan, Matt and Kris are in a group.
Adam, Lil and Allison are in a group.
Scott, Danny and Anoop are in a group.

Someone named David Cook is going to perform. He looks vaguely familiar...that was a weak sauce performance. Kinda boring, kinda pitchy. His mom has some sweet jewelery though. And continuing the tradition, he gets his platinum record plaque on the AI stage.

More Results:
Kris is safe!
Matt is safe! Ryan - you are so tricksy!
Megan is in the bottom three. And I can't believe she flapped & cawed across the stage.
Lil is safe!
Allison is in the bottom three. She flapped too.
Adam is safe!!
Danny is safe!
Scott is safe!
Anoop is in the bottom three. No flapping from him, thank goodness.

Jason Castro is in the house! So is Alexis Grace!
Someone named Lady GaGa is performing a song called "Poker Face." Her piano is plexiglass and full of bubbles! I'm just kidding - I know who Lady GaGa is. But I've never heard this song before. And I'm pretty sure I've never seen a performance like that on AI before. And I know I've never seen anyone with a zipper over her eye before. Wow. Not sure what to think about that performance.

(I'm seriously old, you guys. My students were referencing some songs I've never heard before. That is the first time that has happened in my teaching career. *sigh* I listen to more NPR than Top 40 these days. That proves I'm old.)

Final Results:
Allison is safe and sent back to the couch.
Anoop is safe.
Megan is being an idiot and making lame faces and told Allison and Anoop to caw. Oh, and she's going home.

Simon was a bit rude telling her that they weren't going to save her. I don't think it was rude that he told her ahead of time. Since she knew ahead of time, she could just enjoy the chance to perform. But the way he told her was pretty rude. She was a bit obnoxious going down to sing right in their faces.

Was there a good bye package with highlights last week? I don't remember Michael getting one of those.

She's a cute girl, but I'm glad she's going home. She was the worst singer on Tuesday. Good job, America!

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Matt Sanderson said...

Caw, Caw, Caw!!!! (How wierd was THAT?)

From now on, I will make bird noises whenever something undesirable happens. Thanks for changing my life, freaky Megan girl.

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