Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - Top 8 Performance Show

Songs released in the year you were born! I would want to sing "Kung Fu Fighting," but I don't think that would be a good fit for me... :)

No more judges walking out from behind the stage with the lame announcer! Hooray!! Ryan still walks down the huge staircase, but I can live with that.

But we have to look at the baby photos of the judges. Not sure which is better. Though Simon's picture is HILARIOUS. Never mind. Ryan's is funnier.

Danny Gokey - Stand By Me
He's singing some arrangement that came out in 1980. It's a little weird, but I like him singing it. He seemed weirdly nervous at one point. I don't think Danny would normally be first, but they have to have him go first at some point to be fair, so tonight they are singing in "age order" and Danny goes first.

Kris Allen - All She Wants to Do is Dance
I admire what he's trying to do with this, but I'm not sure if I love this arrangement. I don't love that these poor kids have to play in the middle of the rhythmically challenged mosh pit. I didn't love it, but Simon's wrong - it certainly wasn't indulgent. Kris doesn't have an indulgent bone in his body.

Lil Rounds - What's Love Got to Do With It
On paper, this should be an amazing choice for her. She's a little behind the beat in the first verse into the chorus. Her low range is rough. And I don't think it was necessary to dress up Tina Turner and walk around on the stage like Tina does in the music video. MUCH better into the bridge and the last chorus. She's making it more her own and taking some cool liberties with the melody. The judges are rough on her, but they're absolutely spot on.

Aside - Since Kris was born in 1985 and Lil was born in 1984, we're not sticking to the age order thing, evidently. Just an excuse to have Danny go first since he's usually in the last third of the show.

Anoop Desai - True Colors
This could be ghastly. He's borrowing liberally from the Eva Cassidy version, so the arrangement is great. He messed up a pretty important lyric, but he got through it. Not sure if I like the R&B vibe he just turned on halfway through. It's growing on me. NICE falsetto at the end. That was great.

Scott MacIntyre - The Search is Over
Scott is on the guitar tonight. I don't think he should be playing the guitar on this song. The guitar kind of came out of no where. This song doesn't fit him. I don't think he should even be singing this song. That was rough vocally. They're going to really ream him on this one. Kara and Paula are being very polite. I don't think Simon will be so polite.

Allison Iraheta - I Can't Make You Love Me
Perfect song choice. I hate her dress, but as long as they don't do a full shot of her singing, I don't have to look at it. That was great.

Matt Giraud - Part Time Lovers
LOVED the video of his church play. Rockin' the Justin Timberlake hat! This song should have been in a little higher key. Some of the low stuff is a little rough for him. I'm not sure about this arrangement. I loved the scatting at the end.

Adam Lambert - Mad World
Adam Lambert didn't make it on my Tivo, so I had to go to alternative sources to find it. If you didn't get to see him, GO WATCH IT. Simon gave Adam a standing ovation. And it really was that good.

Favorites - Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai
Kinda Liked It - Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Lil Rounds
Umm....Nope - Scott MacIntyre

Bottom 3 - Scott MacIntyre*, Lil Rounds, Allison Iraheta
*Scott is the new Vote For the Worst pick. Lil and Allison have been in the bottom a lot regardless of whether they sing well.

Eliminated - Scott (he may not be because of VFTW, but he should be based on performance)

If someone besides Scott is eliminated, they may end up using the judges' save this week. They only have three more weeks to use it, and I don't think they'll let anyone besides Scott go home. Just my opinion.

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