Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol - Top 13 Results Show

They're really going to use this staircase a lot. I can feel it. A new rule? What new rule? I boo-dooped through part of the judges intros last night.

Here's the new rule - the "judges save" Up until the top 5, the judges can save one contestant from elimination. The judges have to decide unanimously. They can only save one contestant for the entire competition. Once the judges save a contestant, they can't save anyone else for the rest of the season.

We're seeing the contestant residence for the first time since Season 1. It looks like the big judges house from the chair episode. Too bad they're so busy they'll never spend any time there.

Jackson 5 Medley! Cue awkward dancing! Scott is dancing! Wow! They've done a pretty good job of putting people next to Scott to help him in the transitions. And lots of camera work. Awkward dancing solo for Danny!

Recap of last night. I'm on Twitter - not really watching. The Ford commercial was sweet! The contestants are clearly pleased with the result. High fives all around!

Results: (Dial Idol has Jasmine, Jorge and Allison at the bottom)
Michael Sarver - Safe!
Allison Iraheta - Safe! (So, it's probably Jasmine & Jorge...)
Jasmine Murray - pulled to the middle of the stage to await her fate
Matt Giraud - though obviously confused, is Safe!
Kris Allen - Safe!
Megan Corkrey - pulled to the middle of the stage to await her fate, but she's safe

Jasmine is the first elimination. We have to hear her sing. But I don' doop! The judges discussed it when she was singing and then eliminated her again. Rejected by America and Randy Jackson within five minutes. Ouch!

Performance by Kanye West. Kanye is wearing gloves and grabbing his crotch. are not MJ. And you really shouldn't sing. Even with that techno filter over your voice, it shouldn't be happening. Wow - they moved the judges out for the performance and put screaming girls from the rhythmically challenged mosh pit up there. Also, are those the worst backup singers ever? Why does the drummer have a mask on? Why am I still watching this? Kanye...just perform "Gold Digger" next time. Mmmmkay? Thanks.

More Results:
Scott MacIntyre - Safe!
Alexis Grace - Safe! (I typed that before Ryan said it. I can READ RYAN'S MIND!)
Danny Gokey - Safe! As if he was in trouble.
Anoop Desai - pulled to the middle of the stage to await his fate
Adam Lambert - Safe! As if...
Jorge Nunez - pulled to the middle of the stage to await his fate
Lil Rounds - Safe!

If Dial Idol is right, it's Jorge. But, we have to wait through a commercial and a Kelly Clarkson performance to find out.

Yay! Kelly!!! Booo! Kelly's outfit! Yikes. Booo! Kelly's hair! Regardless, I love her. She's a fantastic singer and performer. She's a little vocally tired and she still sounds great. Though she needs to fire whoever picked out that outfit.

Anoop is safe. Jorge is going home....or is he?

He is. Sorry, Jorge.

Did you agree with America? Should the judges have used their rule to save Jorge or Jasmine? How far can Megan go with support from Vote for the Worst and the Utah voting block?


Whitney Johnson said...

The right two people went home. Why are they messing with Anoop's head?

It will be interesting who they use the save for....

Molly said...

I wonder how long Kelly Clarkson had to sit there to get her hair done, only to have it look like she just got out of the shower, put on some leave-in conditioner, and walked on stage?

My guess: 55 minutes

rebecca said...

Totally agree on Kelly appearance...loved her performance!
I think the right kids went home and there are a couple more who could follow without the judges stepping in. It will be interesting to see if they do exercise the 2nd chance rule.

Bethie Ann said...

Ok... I just have to say this. Have you seen the TV show "House"? I think Anoop looks like the indian doctor on there. Anyways, thought you'd appreciate that!

Grammy said...

I agree with who went home - that's who I picked when we guessed here at work.

And Kelly's outfit was terrible - I thought it made her look like she had put on a bunch of weight.

Emily said...

My TV totally fizzed out just in time for me to completely miss AI and BL!!!!! I only have two shows, so of course it's stops working on Tuesday. Thanks for you're re-cap.

Nana said...

I liked the voting - good thing, since I have yet to jump in and really participate. It seems obvious the top 5 or 6 who really belong there, but I am glad the others are getting this experience, since there are several good singer/musicians even if they are not rock stars. I hope Megan doesn't stay long enough to rob someone more deserving of another week.

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