Sunday, March 29, 2009

American Idol - Top 10 Results Show

Better late than really late! Right? Sorry for the delay. It's been tricky to find time to sit down and get this watched with my computer.

Performance recap - Still annoyed that Simon drew on Paula's face. Honestly, people.

Pre-Taped Motown Medley - Ouch. Okay - Idols, sit down and let's have a little talk. You can't be a pop star unless you learn how to lip sync correctly. Even if you never use this skill on the stage, you have music videos to make. You all stink at it. Poor Scott doesn't even know where his microphone is in relationship to his mouth and he's more convincing than half of you. Adam, you are excused from this conversation. You did a good job.

Ford Commercial - Meh. However, many of you are lip syncing much better than during the taped Motown medley.

Performance from Ruben Studdard - Now, I love Ruben. I think Clay should have won, but I love Ruben. He's got an outstanding, clear voice. He walks out on stage and I want to give him a big hug. And then about a minute into his performance, I want to run away screaming because he is SO SWEATY!! YIKES! My brother thinks he needs to carry a Sham Wow on stage with him. I realize now why the sweating bugs me so much - he is able to make such a beautiful, powerful sound. It sounds effortless, but then you look at his sweaty, sweaty face and realize that it isn't effortless at all. That's cute that he pointed to his wedding ring. Awwww...

Adam Lambert WOOO!
Matt Giraud is...pulled to the middle
Kris Allen
Michael Sarver is...pulled to the middle.
Lil Rounds

Performance by Joss Stone & Smokey Robinson. Joss has a few good songs, but she's kind of a barefooted, weird singer. She never wears shoes when she performs. Not sanitary.

Allison Iraheta
Anoop Desai
Danny Gokey
Scott MacIntyre is...pulled to the middle
Megan Joy I hope she's grateful to VFTW. Oddly, Dial Idol has her near the bottom.

Scott is safe and is sent back to the couch.

Stevie Wonder performs! I love him.

Matt Giraud is sent back to the couch. Sweet. I like him a lot. Michael Sarver is going to sing to save himself. It bugs me that Kara and Paula just dance and sing a long and Randy and Simon huddle behind to talk about the singer. Do the girls not have an opinion to render here?

The judges are sending him home, and Michael Sarver looks relieved.

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