Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol - Top 36, Week 2

I have to get something off my chest before I start:

Dear Blue Team from the Biggest Loser:
That was undoubtedly the most idiotic elimination I've ever seen. You're going to continue to lose weigh-ins and you're going to get picked off one by one. Aubrey, I blame you. You could have forced a tie and sent home the person who SHOULD have gone home. Lame.

Okay. Glad I could say that.

The more I think about the way they are putting the top 12 together, the more annoyed I am. Adam Lambert in the Pimp Spot! I'm surprised Jasmine Murray is first. I thought they liked her.

Jasmine Murray - "Love Song"
Bold choice. It's too low for her at the beginning. And she's messing with the melody too much for me. It was just alright for me, dawg. It's getting better as she goes on. Never mind. She's oversinging at the end. The judges are confirming my every word. I feel good about that.

Sweet! No parents/friends in the Red Coke Room tonight. That will save them a boatload of time and me a truckload of annoyance tonight.

Matt Giraud - "Viva La Vida"
I dig him. He's a talented dude. I'm sad he picked this song. I wish he'd chosen a different one. He's singing it well, but I don't think this song was a good idea. The #1 rule of American Idol song choosing is: Don't choose a song that is heavily associated with the original artist. As much as this song has been on the radio for the past 6 months, and as great a song as it is, he should have chosen something else. It becomes too karaoke when you do songs like this. Plus, this performance backed up to his awesome Hollywood Week performance makes him look even worse tonight. Who is helping these people pick songs? And I'm sad because in a normal year, he would cruise through the middle to next week and would have a chance to develop. But this year, he's probably not going to make it through. *sigh*

Jeanine Vailes - "This Love"
Cannon fodder. She's awful. I love this song and now I almost hate it. Bad sign that I don't recognize her from any of the previous footage. And now that I've watched enough of it to see how her name is spelled...."boo doop!" goes the Tivo.

Nick Mitchell - "And I Am Telling You"
He's dressed in normal clothing for the opening. But here's "Norman" on the stairs. White tux coat. Wow. I have to say, I would pay to see this guy do cabaret. He'd be AMAZING. But, here not so much. He was pitchy and the performance was crazy. He basically threw it. Vote for the Worst is going to be all over this performance. "Karate Kid!"

Paula is way too lucid this year. I have to admit, I miss the crazy. Never mind. There it is.

Allison Iraheta - "Alone"
Another girl I don't recognize. This could be awful. Ever since Carrie sang it so well in her year, I get nervous when people try it. She's got PIPES! First good song choice of the night. She's losing her high stuff as the song goes on, and she didn't go for the huge note at the end. But best performance so far. 866-IDOLS-05

Kris Allen - "Man in the Mirror"
This guy looks vaguely familiar, but this is another one that didn't get much face time through the auditions. And a bad, pitchy start on a Michael Jackson song. That's tough to recover from. The beginning was too low. The high stuff is better, and he is really trying. I'm not sure he'll make it through with votes. But the judges might bring him back if he doesn't get through.

Megan Corkrey - "Put Your Records On"
This is my friend Leah's former choir student. She's cute. I like her. And this is a perfect song for her. She oversang a bit as the song went on, but she's doing well. Thanks for agreeing, Simon! Favorite Randy quote so far: "You're definitely drop dead." Go, Megan! 866-IDOLS-07

Matt Breitzke - "If You Could Only See"
He's got a good voice. He doesn't have the image so much. Maybe it's the song not matching his image. I hate to say that, because he seems so nice. But it just didn't work. He didn't look comfortable at all while he was singing. It's a good song, he just shouldn't have sung it. I swear - it's like the judges are watching me type!! :)

Jesse Langseth - "Bette Davis Eyes"
She's a little bit of a plant. Her brother is Jonny Lang - a very famous blues guitarist and singer. I like her voice. I like her 80's shirt. But I didn't see her connecting with the audience very much. It was kind of like she was singing for herself. Lots of jazz singers feel that way for me. Like they're singing for themselves and don't really care that I'm there watching them. I want to be connected with as an audience member. Not so much connection from her.

Kai Kalama -"What Becomes of the Broken Hearted"
I have liked him from the beginning. He sounds great, but I'm not sure this was exciting enough of a song. He's trying really hard to make it exciting, but it's just not quite there. Bummer. I don't think he's going to make it through.

Mishavonna Henson - "Drops of Jupiter"
Wow. Her name. Ok. I'm trying not to let my prejudice for this song cloud my judgement here. I don't think anyone should ever sing this song. It's just boring. Her falsetto was a little pitchy. The last note was awful.

Ah...the one I've been waiting for. Sing to me, Adam.

Adam Lambert - "Satisfaction"
Normally I would really worry about someone singing this song, but I think he's going to kill it. Ok. That was GREAT. He's got an insane range and flawless vocal technique. He's fun to watch - it was amazing. Go find his performance on YouTube or buy it on iTunes. That was awesome. Paula's giving the weird-hand-clap-standing-ovation. I'm kind of amazed to hear a musical theater singer be able to transition to pop/rock like that. He deserved the pimp spot.

Voting for: Megan, Adam & Allison


Yvonne said...

I can only comment on Biggest Loser since I don't watch A.I. I agree 100%--WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???? I can't wait to see what Bob says next week--should be verrrrrryyyyy interesting.

Diana said...

I agree with you on BL! What were they thinking. That was the dumbest move ever seen on BL! Glad other people relize this too!

Molly said...

I thought the BL move was stupid and still do. But, I think they were trying to keep "Bob's team" intact. If they would have voted Ron off then the sisters and Dane would have had an advantage over Kristen and her mom if they fell below the yellow line again, which they will. Now they'll get rid of the sisters and hope they can last until it goes to individuals.

I don't know if that was their theory, but it's the only thing that explains last night's insanity.

I wish I could comment more on AI, but I only saw the guy in the silver shirt. Not good.

Staci said...

i love your AI comments. i miss watching it, we are sans TV this season and i still feel like i am watching. maybe sometime i can come watch it with ya, esp if you promise to keep gems like "Cannon fodder" coming. :)

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