Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amercian Idol - Hollywood Performances

I really love these performances at the end of Hollywood Week. They allowed the contestants to play their own instruments last year at this stage of the competition and they did it again this year. I love when people can sing and play an instrument, and I think it added some legitimacy to the competition last year.

First, what is up with Randy's chain shirt? Also, Paula's necklace is horrific. I do like the way they've structured this episode by showing the people in the rooms the entire time. It makes it way more tense.

My early favorites:
Adam Lambert - musical theater actor in L.A. He's an OUTSTANDING tenor. Total rock star. He sang "Believe" by Cher, but slowed it down. Very cool.

Matt Giraud - He's from the Louisville auditions and works as a dueling pianist in a piano bar. What a fun job! And he's fantastic. If they don't keep him, I'm going to be mad.

Danny Gokey - Why do I like him? 1) he's a music teacher 2) his wife just died - super sad story=fan favorite 3) his voice ROCKS He sang "I Hope You Dance" and was amazing. Fabulous arrangement.

Scott Macintyre - Amazing, amazing musician. He's blind and plays the piano and sings. What a sweet kid.

I'm not loving any of the girls I'm hearing at this point in the show.

I hate when I move them into the rooms. It hurts my brain when I see who they have placed together in the rooms.

Tatiana Del Toro - hate her. Someone needs to slap her. But they'll probably keep her because she's GREAT TV.

Joanna Pacitti - there's an interesting story. She won a competition to play Annie in the 20th Anniversary of Annie on Broadway. She went all the way through the out of town tryouts and then got fired right before the show opened on Broadway. If you want the whole story, check out Vote for the Worst here. She's also been previously signed to a major record deal (like Carly from last year) but got dropped by her label. She's got an amazing voice, but just completely bombed her lyrics.

Nick "Norman Gentle" Mitchell - He's hilarious, and an amazing singer as his alter ego. I've not seen him sing well as himself though. I don't think Simon can handle this guy without getting completely annoyed.

I hate the room reveal part. The fake acting by the judges just seems so cruel.

Results: Wow. I"m kind of surprised about this first room. I thought Joanna Pacitti was going down. Jason Castro's brother didn't make it through in the second room. Woohoo! My favorite boys are through in the third room. Crazy Tatiana is in the last room. Having a breakdown while the judges do their fake rejection speech. She has a decent voice, but she's great TV. The people over at Vote For the Worst are going to be in heaven if she makes it through tomorrow's show. (Actually, I think the Vote for the Worsters are already thrilled about the choices they have this season.)

I also hate this next episode. The walking across the room and sitting down and getting more fake rejection. I fast forward through most of it. The good part is, we're in the real competition next week! Hurray!

P.S. I placed in the top ten of the Adults section of the "I Heart Faces" competition I entered with my picture of Dad & Kim. I took fifth place out of 100 entries. Cool, huh? Check it out!

Pictures via Rickey.org


Michelle said...

Thank you! I knew I had heard of Joanna Pacitti somewhere, but never thought to look it up. Now I know why. Also, don't you think Danny Gokey looks exactly like Robert Downey Jr.?

Yvonne said...

I think that's fabulous that your photo did so well. Congrats.

Whitney Johnson said...

Congratulations on your photo Macy!

Dana said...

Man, "Great TV" bugs, huh? I also like that Matt guys friend although he has something weird with his speaking/singing voice. Thanks for your update - I learn so much useless knowledge, its great. Some day, I'm actaully going to watch it with you - or would that mess up the mojo?

Congrats on your pic - it must make your dad proud!

Nana said...

Loved that your pic is now famous.
I am a late-comer to AI - but enjoyed your updates so much last year, that it is on my list of shows to schedule. (that's a pretty short list, I'll admit.) I think reality shows are a fun legalized gossip outlet. Rhonda

Emily said...

I would like to throw several bricks at Tatiana's head. I don't know if I have ever experienced anything more annoying in my life. Congrats on the photo comp. You're the bomb

crob said...

I agree with emily...can we please take out Tatiana!

Do you know which girl got kicked off for having had a music contract?

Congrats on your picture! you are awsome!

Macy said...

Thanks, everybody! Dad was excited that we won!
Crob-Joanna Pacitti was replaced. Not because of her previous record deal, but because she has some close friendships with executives at 19 Entertainment (AI's production company) that were determined a conflict of interest. I think after she flubbed the lyrics so often and was still in the competition, they had to take her out.

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