Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Windy City, Day 2

We finally made it to the Field Museum on Saturday morning. What a great place. It's gigantic and their displays are really amazing.

(The first time I went to the Field, we went to see Sue the Dinosaur. The students from my school were so excited to see a complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and kept talking about how huge it was going to be. They were kind of let down when they saw it. Now, it is huge. And it is very cool to see. But the Field Museum is HUGE and Sue is displayed in the main gallery and it doesn't look as big and scary as you think it should be.)

G-Man did roar at it when I told him it was a dinosaur. Luckily there was no one in a fur coat nearby to be offended.


We walked through all the awesome animal exhibits and ended up in the kids' room downstairs. They have a bunch of great hands on exhibits. The first exhibit was about the Illinois woodland and the animals that are there.


They had little animal outfits the kids could put on. We decided to put this turtle costume on him and told him he was a turtle and he dropped to his knees and started crawling around. We weren't sure if he had seen the other kids crawling or what, but we felt he was brilliant for knowing that turtles crawl.



His favorite room was the music room. They had drums and examples of music from different countries that the kids could play along with. He loved it in there. We had a hard time getting him to leave. (There is a video of him playing the drums at the end of this post.)



After spending the previous day driving down the Magnificent Mile, we decided to walk it today. I couldn't believe the crowds. Apparently everyone in the greater Midwest comes to Chicago to go shopping for the holidays and they were all in town on Saturday. G-Man and I stopped for a picture near the Water Tower Shopping Center.


We finished the evening with a REAL DATE! To an adult restaurant! We found a really great babysitter and G-Man enjoyed McNuggets while we had a delicious dinner.


Christina said...

We went to the Field Museum on our way to UT several summers ago. Sue was the highlight for Thomas who was big into dinosaurs at the time. We were so impressed with the museum as a whole. I'd love to go back and spend more time there.

rebecca said...

that was me:) Christina forgot to logout.
Safe Travels!

Yvonne said...

And you were surprised that he started crawling around--this grandma ISN'T SURPRISED AT ALL!!!

Macy, you look FABULOUS.

Love the video--he's with us when we play Rockband.

The Takemoto Family said...

I love, love, love the field museum. I did an event there one time - and think that I will likely never top it in my career! :)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Stopping by to wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas :) ♥ Hugs!

LL said...

LOVE that last shot of you and G in front of the lights, you look great!

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