Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

After relatively smooth travels to our final destination, we were welcomed by family and a delicious dinner. Our family acts out the Nativity with whoever is in the house for dinner that year. My dad is always the angel. The picture is out of focus, but it gives you a sense of his brilliant performance.


We had a lot of family in the house this year - both my family and Diggity's family was there. It made for an excellent Nativity.


G-Man was Joseph


Joseph wasn't digging his costume so much.


Mary and the baby Jesus.


Joseph and Mary prepare for their debut


We had a very sassy shepherd in the house this year.


Shepherd and two of the three Wise Men - bearing pineapple

After the Nativity, we decorate luminaries to light for my mom. Everyone created a luminary for someone they wanted to remember for Christmas and then we lit them and put them on the front porch.


This was G-Man's first luminary. He loved coloring.


I love that G-Man is watching his Grandpa make Grandma Marsha's luminary.





Shelley said...

I didn't know you guys were out this way... Glad you got to go home for Christmas. It looks like you guys have some great family traditions and yummy treats!

rebecca said...

I love the luminary tradition- that's one I haven't heard of. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!

LL said...

those pictures were fun to look at. I love to hear Christmas Eve tradition. Hope you guys enjoy your trip!

Emily said...

Looks like everyone had so much fun!! These pictures make me homesick though, and those cookies and candies are making me hungry.

Britt said...

okay, the men in your life make me laugh so hard. tom is my favorite. i really miss that guy--especially when i see him wearing a halo and wings. what a crackup! and close behind is your hubby, reverently offering up his...pineapple. i love it!

Macy said...

Shelley - we're here, and we're crazy. Diggity's kids get here tonight, so it's going to get even more crazy, but we're excited. I'll have to go to lunch with you when I'm back in the summer.

Rebecca & LL - I've loved your Christmas posts. Such fun ideas and memories.

Emily - We miss you.

Britt - That's a pretty awesome compliment coming from one of the funniest people I know. :) I miss your face.

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