Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Don't forget to voice your choice today.

(I'll be really glad when I don't have to hear "this is the time to voice your choice" on the news promos here in Boston anymore. Not to mention the Sununu vs. Shaheen ads from New Hampshire. Blech.)

*Bakerella made the adorable VOTE cake pops pictured above. See her vote cake pops here. See the basic recipe here. And when you have time, browse through her other amazing cake pops here. She's fabulous.


rebecca said...

Wesley just made his own version of the cake pop...he stuck a pencil in his munchkin;) Thanks for the link to Bakerella & the reminder to Vote!

rebecca said...

PS. love the new header!

Grammy said...

Love the new header too! Looks great. And yes I voted - last week. Whew because the lines looked long this morning when I passed Scera.

Happy Heidi said...

No kidding - forget the presidency - I can't wait to not have the Sununu and Shaheen nasty-ness over! They both campaigned like 7th graders. LOVE all your pics! I definitely have to take your class and start learning some good tips. Your colors are just gorgeous.

Whitney Johnson said...

The header is ADORABLE.

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