Thursday, November 6, 2008


* I heard this story today on the Today Show. It made me laugh and reminded me of my little brother's birth. He was born on Reagan's Inauguration Day. I stood up for Show and Tell and told my class that my little brother was going to be born that day and that I thought he should be named "Ronald Hostage" because Pres. Reagan was being inaugurated and the Iranian hostages were being freed, but that my parents had decided to name him Matthew. And that was okay because my name starts with M and my sister's name starts with M. I'm kind of glad they didn't take my suggestion, but I guess he was destined for a life in politics.

* G-Man has started yelling "no" all the time. Any ideas on how to gently correct this? I am substituting for the word in my vocabulary so he doesn't hear it as much, but other than that I'm at a loss.

* I'm reading this blog these days. And this one. I like them. I'm inspired to plan my menus better, take pictures of what I'm cooking and posting them here. Sure, I could just post recipes, but I really love sites like this where the process and the final result are pictured. And it would be a good excuse to work on food photography.

* Speaking of this site and food, I made these the other day and they were AWESOME.

* Since I don't have pictures of the delicious chicken enchiladas I had for dinner, you can look at these pictures of G-Man instead:

* I'm pretty hopeful about the country right now. The audacity of hope, indeed. I love it.


rebecca said...

I can vouch for the apple dumplings. My whole family loves them.
I too am feeling hopeful:)

Stacie said...

I have been wanting to make those apple dumplings for ages... Drooling just thinking of them! Glad to know they are a goodie- I'll have to give them a try.

Can't wait for fun pictures of food!

Neal said...

Love the always, honey. I'm glad you find time to take the boy outside ; )

Michal said...

your photos are gorgeous, always. and those recipes look amazing. i weighed myself today for the first time in ages. ugh.

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