Monday, September 29, 2008

Super Bib!

After months of wanting nothing to do with them, G-Man suddenly loves his bibs. He knows which drawer they are in, and periodically through the day he will come find you and want to wear it. He started off wearing one in the front. Then, he started putting it in back of him like a cape. The other morning, we escalated to this:

He's a pretty funny kid.

P.S. You can get these bibs here. I have yet to see them in a regular store and I purchased them after reading about them on some random blog. I LOVE THEM. Along with my Boppy pillow and bouncy seat, they are my best baby gear acquisitions. No washing or stain treating thousands of bibs - just wipe them off or stick them in the dishwasher. They are fabulous.


Shelley said...

I found some really similar to that at Walmart for $5 or so. I love them too...they catch everything and I throw mine in the washing machine with my dirty rags! My kids are funny about bibs too, they ASK me for them because they don't like to spill on themselves. Yes, they are my children through and through! :)

Grammy said...

What a kid! Such cute pictures.

Amanda said...

At least he's not wearing the rainbow-colored flying disk thing around his neck anymore. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love these bibs too! I also love one called the Hi-Chair Bib because it covers my son's legs too. I got it as a gift and see it's made in Hawaii! Aloha!

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